Vicarious anger saves your blood pressure.

Don't give yourself a heart-attack; Lipsticks & Lightsabers rants so you don't have to!
In addition to purchasing your own, custom rant, you can now also adopt one of the pre-existing rants on Lipsticks & Lightsabers, like this one.


Adopting a rant can allow you to have all the satisfaction of having thoroughly pwned the subject of the rant, without feeling the necessary rage and raising your blood pressure. Vicarious anger through your adopted rant is better for your health!

Adopted rants will feature a box like this one:

This independent little rant has been adopted by Your Name.
Learn more about adopting your own rant for charity right here.

Which tells everyone the name of the adoptive parent(s), and links to a site of their choice. Adopting popular rants is a great way to drive more traffic to your site and improve search results.

Plus, you know, it goes to charity.


For the same donation, $10 or more, you can pick any existing rant on the blog and adopt it. Adopted rants will have a box like the one above including the name and link of the adoptive parents (more than one person can adopt the same rant, and you can adopt more than one) and a link to this post.
The box, and your link, will stay there permanently. Adopting popular rants is a great way to drive traffic to your site, however you should be sure it is a rant you want to be associated with.

Adoptive parents will also receive a digital certificate of adoption via e-mail, which isn't pictured because I haven't made it yet. It'll be fancypants though!

Just like with the custom rants, adopting a rant will also make you eligible to enter all of the TPE giveaways this week (but you'll have to visit the blogs and comment to enter!)


Just click right here and click 'Donate to Frances' who is the Team Pink Eye team captain for donations. Pick any donation amount of $10 or over, and in the note box on the donation form, make sure to include the note: Lipsticks & Lightsabers.

When you've donated, e-mail telling me which rant(s) you'd like to adopt and the name and link you'd like the box to show.


Anyone who either purchases a rant or adopts one will also be able to enter all of this week's TPE giveaways without needing to donate again. Just comment on the blog giveaways to enter!
Here they are:


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