The blog is going on hiatus for a while. I'm not sure how long, but I need a break from the internet.

During this time, I'll continue to work on the rants (Team Pink Eye is at $848 now!) and the new site (which is almost done). It's unlikely there will be any new posts here until I simply switch to the new site, except for the custom rants. The domain will remain the same, so as long as you're coming to www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com you'll find it when it launches.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween, and a wonderful Bonfire Night to my fellow Britons!


Ana said...

I hope you find what you are looking for (tranquility, endless chocolate or that-thingie-you-displaced-where-could-it-be) with the hiatus :) !

31 October 2011 at 21:42

Adrienne O. said...

NOOOOO I'll miss you but I eagerly await your return and new site :)

31 October 2011 at 22:28

KittenMittens said...

Anaaaaaa I <3's u muchly. If I lived near you I'd give you a great big basket full of pepsi max, brought by a puppy. In a diaper. Cuz dog poop sucks.

1 November 2011 at 02:33

Apriltini said...

No worries Ana, your readers will be here when you get back, like a pack of zombies. :D

Maybe by the time you're ready, GW2 will be ready also. I'd love to read you opinion of it when it comes out. :)

1 November 2011 at 05:33

Jessica said...

Can't wait to see the new site! Until then, you know where to find me- day or night!

1 November 2011 at 05:52

Jilliterate said...

Don't worry, we'll be waiting for you to come back! I hope you enjoy the hiatus! (And we celebrate Bonfire Night over here in Newfoundland, so yay! :D)

2 November 2011 at 01:32

beautifulwithbrains said...

You'll be very missed! I hope you enjoy your break. Take all the time you need, we'll all be here when you come back. :)

2 November 2011 at 18:51

Eduard said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 2 November 2011 at 23:27

Mariko Manlulo said...

i really like your blog..have fun reading it

10 June 2012 at 17:10

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