Lime Crime: Beneath The Glitter.

When I think about this whole issue, it occurs to me how "So the drama" it is. Especially to anyone who doesn't already know about the whole Lime Crime being lying-repackagers-who-threaten-bloggers-and-censor-customers thing. I let the issue lie for a while, because I got the impression from readers that they wanted to return to regular blogging schedule, and honestly, if I replied to every questionable thing Lime Crime did, I'd never be blogging about anything else, which would be pretty dull for me. Nevertheless, Lime Crime did win my Worst Brand of 2009 award for a reason. All right, several reasons.

I wanted to sum up the giant ball of drama in one, glittertasticsuperglitterysparkle post. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.


A long time ago in a galaxy
far far away...

There was an online make-up company called Lime Crime: their slogan, make-up "so bright, it's illegal!" The brand image is covered in sparkletastic unicorns and glitter-rainbows and happiness and cupcakes, and magical fairies and whatnot. The company's head Xenia, who goes by the moniker Doe Deere (or "Queen of the Unicorns" as she cheerily signs off blog posts) claimed that she couldn't find any make-up, anywhere, that was bright enough for her, so she decided to make her own.

It all started in 2008 when NYC-based makeup artist, model, lifestyle blogger, and self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” Doe Deere realized she simply couldn’t find makeup bright enough. Lime Crime Makeup fills the voids in the makeup universe where “super cute” and “super bright” are missing.

We focus on creating the most intensely pigmented, premier dare-to-wear cosmetics with unmatched color payoff and saturation to create looks as vivid, quirky, and unique as our customers. - Lime Crime's "About" section.

Bluntly put, that's a load of bollocks. Firstly, the assertion that Lime Crime's make-up came about because Doe couldn't find anything bright enough for her. Evidently, she wasn't looking very hard.

Lime Criminal is their signature colour, here I swatched their "Magic" Dust in Lime Criminal, versus three considerably brighter greens from Aromaleigh and Sleek. In reality, "Lime Criminal" actually looks like more of a pale goldenish sage than anything resembling a lime. Doe's also obviously never heard of Ben Nye or Kryolan, who also make really bright, intense make-up. (ETA: Readers have pointed out that Doe's early make-up tutorials used Kryolan heavily. So... I guess she was just lying? Shock, horror.)

Second, the notion that it's unique, like their customers, and unmatched in... just about anything. It's pretty damn matchable. Back in my original Lime Crime review I discovered when my eyeshadows arrived that they looked identical to three shades by another make-up company, Beauty From The Earth.

BFTE have since admitted that a lot of their eyeshadows were repackaged (read: taken from a wholesaler and sold as is in smaller quantities as a unique product), and have now clearly marked all repackaged products they sell and discontinued the vast majority of them. Lime Crime, of course, have done no such thing.

After confirmation that the BFTE shades which matched my Lime Crime were repackaged (all except Lime Criminal/Envy which looks like a 50/50 blend), I then got the TKB Trading wholesale micas to swatch against my Lime Crime colours.

Sample of 'Empress' kindly sent in by a reader.

Another Empress swatch, this one e-mailed in by Pinksky86. Click to enlarge.

Note that they have the exact same ingredients:

"Magic" Dust ingredients list.

As you can see on the TKB Trading bag in that shot, the ingredients are: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide. These vary according to the mica, but all TKB Trading micas come with titanium dioxide, iron oxide or tin oxide already added. These are not a finished product, or an eyeshadow - they're an ingredient. As you'll see coming up, you need more than just the basic wholesale mica in order to create an eyeshadow with any blendability and longevity.

For an updated list of Lime Crime to TKB Trading mica matches check this post.

I Make All My Own Colours
(Wow, you invented your own spectrum of light?)

To help combat the rising number of accusations that they simply repackage wholesale mica and lie about it, rather than make their own products, Doe recorded this video of her "making" an eyeshadow. She doesn't wear a mask, or gloves, swatches with the same brush, adds black to darken a colour (anyone who did Art in school should know you add a colour's opposite) and most bizarrely of all, despite this apparently being her own original colour, she doesn't know the formula. Instead she guesses, approximating bits of blue and black wholesale mica until she gets something that looks roughly like her finished product.

No manufacturer could create permanent products this way, you'd have massive variations in shade mixing without a formula, weights or measures, not to mention the unsanitary conditions. And to top it off, she then claims she sends off the small samples to a lab to have professionals mix bits of mica together based on the small plastic bag because she still hasn't written it down, or measured anything.

Hey look at that, ratings and comments are disabled.
ETA: I wondered for a while why she picked Twilight to "make" here, considering it isn't bright at all, and then I took another look at the video title and its search tags. I bet it's so people who search for Twilight (the film/book) on Youtube, or "Making of" Twilight will find it. Smart.

Her video looks an awful lot like TKB Trading's video on how to mix their mica, doesn't it? Except they wear gloves and a mask.

In contrast to this, mineral make-up company Aromaleigh made their own video showing how they make an eyeshadow. It's a wee bit more complicated when a professional does it.

Wow, she cleaned things! Watch for the reference to Lime Crime's video around 04:10.


On 4th November, Doe released this video of her calling us all big fat liars and giant meaniebeasts for picking on her and being awful, terrible bullies, spreading lies about her and generally damaging her state of sparkly happy magical gleefulness, rolling in piles of cash magical fairy dust.

Ratings and comments disabled again? Mystery.

Not long after her why-is-everyone-picking-on-me sob story (and mild blinkathon, I think she had something in her... both eyes, or perhaps is just trying to make them water), poor, tortured Doe further displayed how she's an uhm, totally defenceless victim, by attacking a blogger for her review of Lime Crime's Lipsticks.

The original review (which you can read here), wasn't particularly positive, but it was pretty unbiased and very well researched. Not long after posting it, on the 17th November, Lime Crime sent the blogger an e-mail threatening her with legal action if she didn't remove any and every post she'd ever written which referenced Lime Crime, including the unbiased reviews, and post a public apology. They didn't just threaten to have the content removed, they threatened to sue her personally, for posting her opinion that the lipsticks weren't so great.

I've seen the e-mail she was sent, and it was the nastiest legal threat letter I've seen, with added condescension thrown in. I'm not posting the entire thing with respect for the blogger's privacy, but will post a snippet, and mention that at one point the e-mail says "We expected greater restraint on your part." Which is bizarre to me, since it seems to suggest that they know her personally (which they don't), or that she's the next door neighbour's disobedient child (which she isn't). Doesn't seem like a fitting way for a company/lawyer/unicorn to address a full-grown woman.

Their demand seemed pretty simple:
We expect that you immediately remove all posts pertaining to our company, its principals, and our products and issue a public retraction and apology on the [Blog Title] blog. Failure to comply by November 18th will result in the most strenuous legal action allowable under California law. Continued defamatory conduct will expose you to further, deeper legal liability.
Guide yourself accordingly.
Lime Crime

Not an ounce of sparkly, shimmery, happy Unicorn Queen there, eh? What happened to you don't get anywhere by being mean, Doe?
The blogger complied, removing all posts referencing Lime Crime from her blog, and posting an apology which was surprisingly warm, sincere and heartfelt. She even added that she was sincerely sorry if Doe had been personally offended by anything she'd written, which was never her intent. You'd think they'd be happy with that, right?


In response to her immediate compliance with their demand, they sent her another e-mail. Apparently, the first apology wasn't good enough, so they wanted to dictate one to her, and demanded she post it verbatim - even though it makes her claim an alias which isn't hers. "Jessica L" is actually her cousin.

We appreciate your compliance in removing your defamatory posts. However, we consider re-posting a heavily edited version of our email with a cheeky "retraction" a bad-faith effort. Please post the below retraction and apology verbatim, or we will be forced to proceed with litigation:

On several occasions, under the names of [removed at blogger's request], and "Jessica L." I published untrue articles and comments on various websites about Lime Crime Makeup, its proprietor, Doe Deere, and the company's products. This includes my article "Lime Crime - A History".

I hereby unreservedly withdraw the defamatory statements made by me and apologize publicly to Lime Crime. I also wish to express my regrets that these defamatory statements were ever published and admit that there was no ground for these defamatory statements.

Yeah, you didn't miss that. "Please post the below retraction and apology verbatim, or we will be forced to proceed with litigation." She was given a false statement to post, and threatened with legal action if she didn't. In other words, lie, or we'll sue you. (The bold was mine, by the way, in both instances.)

She deleted the old apology and replaced it with their scripted one, and I don't blame her in the slightest. Complying with such a ridiculous, completely anti-sparkly demand shows the company's attitude far better than any lipstick review could. The lipstick review which I linked above was re-posted by one of the blogger's readers, so that it could still be accessed.

Look! Over there, a Ferrari!

Lime Crime has taken a number of turns since the controversy first came to light. Since typing "Lime Crime" into google now brings up this cheerful result:

Lime Crime's fans ("Futurettes" - you actually have to apply to be one) have been re-assembled into a 'street team' and encouraged to spread the word without search engines, by handing out promotional material to people in the real world. Outside of trying to silence the odd blogger, they've also been known to have comments deleted on third-party websites (or try unsuccessfully, as in this case - read the Editor's note) as well as their own, and only allow positive reviews on their products on the shop page (it used to be only 5 or 4 stars, but predominantly-positive 3 stars are sneaking in, now). They also run an affiliates program, meaning that bloggers who refer customers to Lime Crime will earn commission if they buy. Now there's incentive for good, honest reviews. (If you want to actually find some honest ones, I'd suggest you look over here.)

When I blogged about this originally, it was just any ordinary review. I bought into a brand, believed what they told me, bought the product and discovered the reality to be something else and the brand to be less than stellar. A lot of people have asked why I don't bitch about companies like MAC, or why single out Lime Crime.
Truth is, they were just the repackagers I bought from first. It could've just as easily been any other repackager, and there are plenty more reviews coming of companies whom I also suspect of simply repackaging their products. That said, I know a lot of people take issue with everything the company has done since the controversy, and the spectacularly shit way it's been handled.

All of this just about brings you up to date. I wanted to write a summation, a story-so-far for newcomers to understand the huge snarly ball of drama that surrounds Lime Crime. I also wanted to keep it separate from my up-coming Lime Crime lipstick review (mini one here!), to try and be as impartial in that aspect as I can be, but not deny you all a good ol' fashioned rant.


Tea said...

If people keep insisting that you're singling out LC, this article should show that Xenia practically spoonfed bloggers all the material. She shot herself in the foot with those videos. I've read your other reviews where the companies didn't fare so well, and not one of those other companies created the giant small violin LC has.

12 January 2010 at 08:27

Anastasia said...

I know, right? The original post called out two companies at once - Lime Crime and BFTE. You see their different responses to it, and the result.

Rofl, giant small violin.

12 January 2010 at 08:32

hyena-says-rawr said...

"Doe's also obviously never heard of Ben Nye or Kryolan, who also make really bright, intense make-up."

Given that her early makeup tutorials consisted of a lot of Kryolan products, she's obviously heard.

12 January 2010 at 08:38

Anastasia said...

Maybe she had an incredibly short-term memory?

12 January 2010 at 08:40

Shattered said...

Or maybe she got all hearthurt over people ditching her "friendship" and decided never to speak of Kryolan again because the memories make her cry big panda-sized tears.

You know, the tears she was trying to cry in that YouTube video.

12 January 2010 at 09:02

AFEcoMom said...

I love that you posted this!!! Such refreshing reading :) And if LC doesnt like it, they can shove it! lol

12 January 2010 at 09:14

Belinda said...

I am so glad I found out about all this before I bought any of her stuff. I actually used to be a fan of hers, but after finding out the truth - never again.

12 January 2010 at 09:14

Julissa said...

I don't understand people like her. I don't understand people that defend people like her, either. Boggles the mind. Or mine, at least.

What's extra lame is that out of all the colors you have swatched, hers are the dullest.

12 January 2010 at 09:25

Shattered said...

Just for kicks, I went perusing 2005 via the Wayback Machine.

Kryolan, Kryolan, Milani, Jane, Kryolan....

And here's an example of the craft store glitter she used to sell and push in every freakin' tutorial:

Yeah, tell me those were eye safe.

12 January 2010 at 09:28

Apriltini said...

I was watching her video, but became extremely bored when she said something about telling a story. I'd really much rather break some bones than listen to that codswallop.

I'm sure I'm over influenced by TV, but I thought on Lie To Me, they said that excessive blinking is a sign of lying out yer ass.

One more thing: in your swatch photos, the Lime Crime stuff is paler than the other brands. Definitely not illegal. Suck it Xenia.

12 January 2010 at 09:49

Tea said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 12 January 2010 at 10:01

Julissa said...

For some reason I just went to the Lime Crime Makeup site and saw that they doubled the size of the eye dust from a 5g jar to a 10. And the price stayed the same. Gasp. I wonder if they're secretly trying to get rid of all of it since it, like apparently many other things they did, is so full of fail.


12 January 2010 at 10:03

Tanya said...

Thanks for this. If just one other future sucker reads this and changes their mind I'll be happy!

Will try to get those samples out to you by Feb, I reckon- sorry that's ages away! x

12 January 2010 at 10:52

louthehobbit said...

bollocks, the internet ate my previous comment.

To continue: Oh I love reading a good rant to start off my afternoon well.

As to the whole hoopla about Gothique: I personally think that they went after her for "Lime Crime A History" and not so much for the review. Because let's face it: Grey made some insinuations about repackaging and wasn't "omghappygleerainbowspretty" about the lipsticks, but other bloggers have been a lot more "inyourfacethisiscrap" about LC and they haven't exactly gone after them have they?

In any case, love your blog and love your name!

12 January 2010 at 12:04

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love me a good LC rant ;D

Dude, I remember stumbling across that TKB video on youtube and was amused how similar they were. I suppose LC is going to claim that TKB copied her on that as well.

I love how many repackagers claim that they created their own makeup line because they couldnt find anything bright enough. Miss X has an even bigger markup than LC, and ScarletMadeline's DarlaMakeup line is all private label - it took me less than 10 minutes to find all her products on SpaPrivateLabel.

12 January 2010 at 12:14

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh, and I hope Shrinkle comes out with Sugarpill soon and pwns them all.

12 January 2010 at 12:15

Cacau said...

Well, I think this pretty much resumes everything. Thank you.
What bothers me is that I bought her products, knowing they were expansive, out of admiration for someone trying their best and out of expectation for something I'd not find anywhere.
And I pretty much felt really disappointed.
It bothers me a lot that she said she was going to sue Grey, 'cause she's always been the most impartial of everyone. She even said some good things about the lippies on her review!
While I agree with some people that many people ended up hating Xenia instead of LC, I can undestand that.
When you made your first post you pointed two repackagers. People forget that! What changed the focus was their reply to your question, their reaction.

What hurted me the most is this video of hers... I mean, are we all haters now? I'm not. I am an unsatisfied costumer. I e-mailed her respectfully and got bad response... - so, I become a horrible hater. Right. Ok.

I thought she was at least a good person and I find myself doubting that a lot.

My LC lipsticks disappointed me, specially the one I gave to my sister as a gift, expecting bright amazing color! Thanks Gosh there is Azalea from Morgana Minerals - that I just bought for my sister's birthday.

At least, after all this drama, I discovered great companies to buy from!

While I feel I don't want to hear from the company ever again, I found this a good post. Explains everything clearly.

People get bothered by the fact you focused on LC. Still, not only she was the first repackager but she was the only that kept pretending.

Gothique found many other repackagers, and was as unbiased as she was with LC.

And I think that if you found out any other repackaging company that kept telling lies, you'd be the same as you are with LC.

But some people don't get it.

I respect your post a lot.
I had decided I wasn't going to read this, but I guess it was worth it. I needed something to lock up the subject forever to me and that sums up everything.

Sry for the infinite comment and for my english mistakes ^^'

12 January 2010 at 12:26

Yoshi said...

I would actually like to thank Doe for posting the "haters" video.

-without it, i wouldnt have done my homework (the girl with the duct tape dress turned out to be one of my best friends sister!) and discovered a lot of compelling evidence

- without it, i would have purchased lime crime, rather than discovering the wealth of wonderful, honest mineral makeup companies out there

-without it, i wouldnt have discovered proper, balanced makeup blogs that i now read daily (such as this one!)

so thanks Doe, you helped me save a ton of money and find some blogs worth reading!

ps. apologies if this is sloppily written, i have a broken wrist so am typing one-handed!

12 January 2010 at 13:24

vanityflair said...

If only all of Xenia's squeeing fans and the make-up bloggers who still use her products would read this.

That's all I can say.

(Also, I second the above comment which says she used to use Kryolan and was always harping on about how awesome it was.)

12 January 2010 at 13:59

CthuLynny said...

Im just aggravated with LC because for me to spend 14$ plus shipping on a product is rare unless it is quality (like my urban decay) I dont have tons of money to throw around, so when I recieved the product and it looked dramatically smaller than any other eye shadow I had purchased....I was ticked. Then it was hard to work with (no base) and was VERY different from the color shown, and was simply repackaged. I hate feeling ripped off.

12 January 2010 at 14:07

AxSDenied said...

Yeah I guess I could thank her for making crap as well. I stumbled on this blog looking for the lipsticks I believe, and found this instead. WAY MORE AWESOME! And I saved oodles of dollars from wasting it on the giant nazi unicorn.
Thank you for the recap, whenever I get a smidge more tolerant of the cow, I can read this and remind myself why she is such an uber cunt :D

Yes I said a bad word, but she's a HORRIBLE PERSON, who completely earned that title.

12 January 2010 at 14:57

Fuchsia said...

Bzzzz (random noise), as others have said she was all about Kryolan then. I used to look at all the LittleBigGirls' offerings- actually I have one of her clothing things, it is not terrible and is free of gaffer tape. Is pink though. I thought, what's she getting up to now? and found the nest of unicorns, I was... quite surprised that she needed to 'make her own' colours as there were none in the universe bright enough. 'Cos she was right about one thing, Kryolan is super! (I may make a comparison swatchy post of my own, as I bought MAC pressed shadows specifically to compare to Kryolan. And unfortunately, they don't.)
I didn't buy any LC because the price was too high for me to jump over. I initially put them on my 'save up for, maybe' list (with items like silver tea-services and a hot air balloon ride), then heard sage folk say 'No, Fyrinnae are the way', and ditched them.

The whole debacle just makes me... very impatient for my TKB order to arrive, more than anything. (I ordered before xmas but the first one was lost, so they've replaced it. Which was nice.)

Incidentally I have a couple of the glitters she used to sell (they were cheap then). I stopped using glitter because I didn't know about Pixie Epoxy, but I'm back with it now... I'll swatch if you want, but that might not be of any use. I don't know how to test them for size and eye-safeness.

12 January 2010 at 15:20

Tea said...

Sorry, deleted it the first time I posted this comment because you could see my email address in the original screenshot. Durrr.

So, I watched her video again for the first time since she originally posted it. In the video she says:

"Normally you would put this in a macerator, but *obviously* I'm at home so..."

I rewound the video again (she says it at about 1:10) to make sure that was what she said. Then I was like "WTF is a macerator?" So I googled it:

I know she allegedly packages her stuff in some unsanitary conditions but...

12 January 2010 at 21:16

Spooki said...

back in the day i used to idolize "limey", as she then went by. i loved her tutorials filled with beautiful bright colored eyeshadows. i was super excited when she announced she was making her own line of eyeshadows... but the fact that she claimed she never found anything bright enough made me go "lolwut?".

When it finally did come out i saw that i'd have to start saving up if i ever wanted to afford them. $12 was ridiculous when i could get 1.5 g from medusa's for $6.00 or 1/4 teaspoon for $1.75 from fyrinnae or a baggie sample from makeup enigma for just a mere .50! i thought -maybe- it could be a superior product like she claimed so often so i started trying to find reviews. the more i read, the angrier i got. her videos were just icing on the cake.

deere poo can suck it, she's never getting a damn dime from me. this woman is ridiculous and must be taking crazy pills. perhaps in the future she'll make like mark mcquire and just fess up. better late than never i suppose.

there just isn't enough room in this comment box to express my disgust with this brand and its lying, manipulative owner.

12 January 2010 at 21:33

Aleksis said...

You know what would be the funniest thing ever...doing a parody video on making your own mineral makeup...speaking of which at one point I wanted to make my own mineral foundation and it was probably one of the hardest things I've had to do since organic chem. lol Definitely didn't look anything like her video!

12 January 2010 at 22:46

Phyrra said...

Yeah, Sleek, Kryolan Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, etc etc etc look a hell of a lot brighter than Lime Crime.

The fact that Doe Deere/Xenia asked people to remove comments from someone else's blog is fucking ridiculous. The fact that she sent that bogus letter to Grey made me sick.

I appreciate your investigation into the Lime Crime drama. I'm so glad I never wasted my money on Lime Crime's B.S.!

12 January 2010 at 22:59

Lo said...

Thank you, Ana!

I'm so glad you posted the link to MUA. I've only ever used the review feature, but I love that website.

Phyrra's article on looking for quality makeup here: is incredibly helpful, but I'm the sort of girl that likes reviews. MUA is great for that because it is a rather large third party review site. Plenty of makeup companies allow reviews on their own website, but I'm always a bit on the suspicious side. How do I know that unfavorable ones aren't being given the boot? This is especially true with smaller companies. Reviews on there also reach a wider audience. I will be forever impressed if I see a company urging its customers to post reviews on a site like that.

Anyway, in the case of Lime Crime, I did not read before I bought, even though I should have. There aren't many reviews on MUA (which I hope will change soon, I already did my little part) so that led me to search elsewhere.

Beyond that, the site has features where you can look at reviews of a certain product by skin type & tone, hair color, eye color, and age, which is helpful with every sort of product there it! If several people with dry skin talk about issues they had with a product with consistency, you can probably surmise that it won't be awesome for you if you have dry skin, that sort of thing.

Anyway, that's my little bit. Please excuse me, I'm half asleep. Semester started today and I'm just not used to getting up at 7 am. Lazybutt. ^.^

12 January 2010 at 23:29

pinksky86 said...

Hey Ana...great review of a not so great company. I'm glad you got all this out and helped others find out the true colors of Lime Crime and Doe. You were the first person I heard say that Doe repackages. I'm so thankful to you for that because now I do more research when buying a product and have been introduced to many new and honest make-up companies. I also wanted to tell you that it was me that sent you that picture of the Grape Pop vs. Empress. =) I'm glad you were able to use it. =) Thanks again and I love your blog.

13 January 2010 at 02:31

Corvida said...

@Tea I was confused by the macerator comment, too. To my knowledge, "to macerate" means to chew or soften something in a liquid or solvent. When I make berry ice cream, for example, I macerate the fruit (i.e., let it sit) in sugar water for an hour. I even checked with a Russian friend to see if it was some sort of false cognate, but apparently it isn't. So yeah, whatever a macerator is, I have no idea how it would even be relevant to eyeshadow creation.

P.S. No, you changed your icon! Your old one was so cool!

13 January 2010 at 03:18

driftclosely said...

It's because of your Lime Crime reviews, a lot of people I know will have absolutely nothing to do with her or her dishonest business practices.

It's disgusting that she bullies people who pay for her overpriced cosmetics and throw legalese around like it's going out of style.

No class or taste coming from her; just empty threats laden with scare tactics.

Pity what legions of fangirls will senselessly believe.

13 January 2010 at 04:32

Tea said...

@Corvida haha, yeah, I had heard the word described like "chewing", but had no idea how it would pertain to eyeshadow. Guess she figured no one else but her has google. Or something.

P.S. I changed it back. I'm glad you like it. I drew it :)

13 January 2010 at 04:37

DiavoloBello said...

I tried to watch her second video, but instead was distracted by her blinking. So I decided to be a nerd and count it.

107 times in the first 60 seconds of the video.

13 January 2010 at 05:30

AxSDenied said...

Woah! That's a lot of blinkage there.

Rub some more glittah in your eyes, bitch!

Outburst done.

13 January 2010 at 14:16

BambiAnarchy said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I am a fashion designer and I design my own photoshoots. I was interested in purchasing some product from LC until I read this. I decided instead to purchase same products for much less while getting 7.5x more of the original product. Thank you so much!

13 January 2010 at 17:15

hyena-says-rawr said...

Ffff, I finally watched her blinkathon video. I love that in her ~comparisons~ she applied the "Lime Crime" stuff wet and applied the TKB stuff dry. The edges of the swatches make it so obvious it hurts.

13 January 2010 at 20:30

Julia said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I totally cringed at her making her eyeshadow tutorial... eh, it's alright if she's doing this for personal use AND she depends on her hunches to get the color "right".

BTW, I never knew that you have to add a color's opposite in order to darken a color; I also thought you have to add black oxide.. Well, I've learnt quite a lot. The threatening letter? Oh, Traci of Orglamix (etsy) also sent one to Phyrra just because Phyrra did a comparing post and told her fair opinions...

When will those repackers learn. It's not us who join in on the witch hunt. It's rather them doing the witch hunt directed to anyone who points out those owners not completely honest in doing businesses.

14 January 2010 at 01:25

squidmarket said...

Damn, this post is so long I had to keep a running comment stream in another window so I didn't forget it all by the time I reached the end.
Firstly, I love how it's all sweetness and cuteness until you're all like "Bluntly put, that's a load of bollocks", lol. It reminds me of Dylan Moran's character from Black's Books (so does the "shock, horror" comment too.)

Secondly, oxides are not nice to work with in cute little jars and baggies. I'll go on record says for home use, oxides downright suck. TKB makes that shiz look easy, but you really do need a reasonably powerful grinder to mix and blend them in. I use a grinder I bought at craftstore because my coffee grinder made too much of a mess.
Thirdly, look at you changing all these fonts! This is like the second post you've busted out interesting fonts (is the glitter font an html change too?)
the end

14 January 2010 at 01:28

Corvida said...

@Tea Wow, I love your artistic style!

@squidmarket *squee* Another Dylan Moran/Black Books reference! I've decided that instead of encasing him in carbonite, I want to shrink him and keep him in a Habitrail (with a red wine drip bottle). Ana made the good point that he couldn't be funny if he were in suspended animation.

@Anastasia I joined Twitter so I could follow your tweets (and a few other people who actually have interesting things to say on a regular basis). When it scanned my Gmail contacts, it dug up my landlady's feed. This contained a link to her erotic fanfic LJ. Therefore, I do not think I shall be using Twitter after all, at least not for quite some time. I partially blame you interesting people :D

14 January 2010 at 02:21

Connie De Alwis said...

as always, a very insightful read. so disgusted by how Lime Crime handles themselves as a company.

14 January 2010 at 03:03

Taryn said...

These business practices of hers are begging for a "In Soviet Russia..." joke.

Thank you, Ana, for putting this up. I will not touch that company with a 10 foot pole.

14 January 2010 at 21:47

T said...

Thank you so much for this. The woman is a disgusting excuse for a human being and she needs to give up. One day, one day.

And yes, I blame your support and swatches for my addiction to Fyrinnae (a friend recommended it and your swatches sealed the deal) and Aromaleigh. I would rather support them (and their great products) then fall victim to a lie. Thank you!

15 January 2010 at 04:01

Shattered said...

Geez, I think I probably just came across one of the most...*coughignorantcough* Magical Sparkle Unicorn Lime Princess supporters out there, and this comment was made before you wrote this entry.

"yes, i think all those bloggers wish they could be as sucessful as her.

"i agree if u dont like a product, fair enough, but to actively say she's ripping people off by not even making her own eyeshadows is stupid, they just want to bring her down to make themselves feel better"

I'll just sit here and wait to be called a jealous hater for my response to that one.

19 January 2010 at 04:29

Anastasia said...

Shattered - rofl, big panda-sized tears. I mentioned the whole blinkathon thing to my brother, who immediately posited it was because she was trying to make her eyes water. Makes sense!

Honestly, I don't really care about the animalshelter/whatever drama surrounding Xenia, I just care that Lime Crime rips people off.

21 January 2010 at 14:18

Anastasia said...

AFEcoMom - Thanks, AFEco! Well, I've ditched being all reserved and adding "allegedly" after everything I say. If they want to come after me, they know where to find me.

21 January 2010 at 14:19

Anastasia said...

Belinda - I'm so glad you did, too! I've had quite a few readers who only found this AFTER shelling out hundreds, and I feel so bad for them. Saving one person's cash makes it all worth it.

21 January 2010 at 14:19

Anastasia said...

Julissa - I don't really get it, they all have the same argument. It's all very much "LALA I'M NOT LISTENING YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS OMG" over and over, in the face of swatches, etc. I suspect even if I gave those people samples of each, they still wouldn't believe it. And yeah, really. "Lime Criminal" is a pathetic lime.

21 January 2010 at 14:19

Anastasia said...

Shattered - I noticed her blog begins rather suddenly, and figured she'd deleted old posts. She used lots of other types of make-up back then, plenty of drugstore, and then in earlier tutorials just lists like, "a pink lipgloss" rather than brands that aren't hers, I think. Ugh, don't get me started on plastic/metal glitter.

21 January 2010 at 14:19

Anastasia said...

Apriltini - Godddd, I had the same reaction. I tried to keep it out of the post, but it was just so "When I came to this country ten years ago with only the shoes on my back and walked ten miles through the snow every day to get water from the well to feed starving orphans". I mean, fuck OFF. I was a teenage runaway, my childhood was not idealic, but do I milk it for all it's worth online and bitch about it constantly? No, I do not. It's called having class.

And yep, Lime Criminal is a pathetic shade, they all pretty much are.

21 January 2010 at 14:20

Anastasia said...

Julissa - I noticed that. I think it might have been in response to people bitching that, originally, Lime Crime sent out huge samples to YT gurus for review, which were much larger than the sizes they actually sold. Thus, customers ordered thinking they were getting the same size, and complained when it arrived much smaller. But, who knows, they changed the jar packaging, too.

21 January 2010 at 14:20

Anastasia said...

Tanya - A few have, Tanya, so I think we're good. And thanks, don't worry, I know how it is when everything's crazy hectic!

21 January 2010 at 14:20

Anastasia said...

Louthehobbit - I think so, too, Lou. They mentioned it specifically in the apology, which is what makes me suspicious. I've been a lot more, er, aggressive, about the repackaging issue, and I haven't heard jack from them. But possibly this is because I live in England, and it isn't financially feasible for her to try and sue me.
And thank you! I'm very proud of the name :3

21 January 2010 at 14:20

Anastasia said...

Silhouette - Haha, we all do. Yeah, similar videos except for TKB taking basic health & safety measures. I'm torn on Miss X - I saw Shrinkle recommend her, which strikes me as odd, but her stuff LOOKS repackaged and I don't want to pay the - what, $17 or something? - to find out :S

21 January 2010 at 14:20

Anastasia said...

Cacau - Sorry, Cacau. I know exactly how you feel, you trusted the brand and the person who made it, and really felt engaged with the whole image, only to find out it's just-- well, this. It sickened me that they actually gave Grey an apology to post. And hell, I wish you could see the e-mail, it's so fucking snotty and condescending and rude. Argh. And yeah, everyone forgets that I pointed out BFTE as well, who turned around and said yes, they started out repackaging, but they're now discontinuing them/labeling what's left, etc. Unlike what Lime Crime did.

And yeah, you're not a hater. Hell, neither was I. She says we're "not customers", I have an invoice which begs to differ! I'm planning on covering other repackagers - Pure Luxe is up next, I just need to post faster. I'm glad the post didn't upset you too much <3

21 January 2010 at 14:21

Anastasia said...

Yoshi - I've heard that from a lot of people, which I think is great. Everything they do is so shady, I admit being pleased that this one backfired. And christ, how did you break your wrist? Such dedication, commenting one-handed!

21 January 2010 at 14:21

Anastasia said...

Vanityflair - I think they HAVE, Vanity, at least most of them. The die-hard fans are mostly still "LALLAA YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS" and a lot of good reviews have been updated. That said, Lime Crime do, of course, have their affiliates program, which doesn't exactly encourage truthful reviews.

21 January 2010 at 14:21

Anastasia said...

CthuLynny - I know the feeling, CthuLynny. Part of the reason why I post this stuff is because when I first bought LC, it was AFTER I looked them up online, and just read a ton of reviews telling me how great it was. When it fucking isn't. Sigh, but at least now I know :S

21 January 2010 at 14:21

Anastasia said...

AxSDenied - Haha, I'm more awesome than crappy lipsticks :D You actually got me started on Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres, did you know that? I got 2 more today (Ice cream party and bloodstains) and I'm so in love with them. Rofl, at uber cunt. You said it, not me.

21 January 2010 at 14:21

Anastasia said...

Fuchsia - Indeed, Fyrinnae are the way! I know I harp on about them (*isinlove*) but there are other good companies, too. S'all about spotting them and finding them out, I guess. Fyrinnae are my current infatuation, though. We're amid a whirlwind romance. It's all roses and sonnets and whatnot.

I think eye-safe-ness of glitter depends on what it's made of, but Fyrinnae know more about that than I do. No plastic or metal glitter near eyes, is the rule. Fyrinnae make their own, it's much finer, but still sparklysparkly. I'm glad you didn't shell out on LC, though, and I'd love to see some Kryolan swatches, I've been meaning to buy some forever, but now I'm waiting on Sugarpill.

21 January 2010 at 14:25

Anastasia said...

Tea - Wow, sewer pipes, eh <_< That's gross. I'll have to ask someone in the biz. about it. God, the whole thing is just stupid. You'd have a formula. There's no way you wouldn't have a formula. Stupid stupid.

21 January 2010 at 14:25

Anastasia said...

Spooki - Right there with you, Spooki. I paid the price 'cause I figured it was brighter than everything else, and actually unique. You know, because the website lied and said it was. And, well, you know. At least the upside of this is that I've found wonderful companies like Fyrinnae and so on, that actually make their own stuff, and I can finally appreciate how important that is.

21 January 2010 at 14:25

Anastasia said...

Aleksis - That thought did cross my mind. Also, some kind of parody video breaking into a factory to free tortured unicorns... I'm not much of a video maker, though. Lime Crime doesn't even MAKE foundation, presumeably because you can't repackage it.

21 January 2010 at 14:25

Anastasia said...

Phyrra - Right there with you. I love that the positive review even says she contacted her to ask her to remove comments. And I'm glad you didn't, too! Although if you had, maybe I wouldn't have wasted my money on it :p

21 January 2010 at 14:26

Anastasia said...

Lo - <3 MUA is one of the few places you can find reliable reviews, and see more than one at a glance, so you can get a really good idea of how the product performs. I never trust website reviews, personally. I've tested Lime Crime's by trying to leave two negative reviews on their website, and they were never approved. Rofl, you're not a lazybutt for not wanting to get up at 7. I never want to get up before 11.

21 January 2010 at 14:26

Anastasia said...

Pinksky86 - Thanks! Ahh, YOU sent me the picture! You want me to put your name on it, and link to anything? I'll go credit you, and add a link if you give me one. I'm asking because you might not want to be associated with it, given LC's habit of attracting fangirly trolls. It's a great swatch, I love that you have the LC jar and the TKB bag right there. My own TKB bags were thrown away long ago when I put everything in jars.

21 January 2010 at 14:26

Anastasia said...

Corvida - I want some berry icecream, please <_<

21 January 2010 at 14:27

Anastasia said...

Driftclosely - Good! It started out as just an ordinary product review, like any other. Now it's kinda become a public service announcement <_<; That was all tremendously well-said, I agree completely.

21 January 2010 at 14:27

Anastasia said...

DiavoloBello - (Zebra! <33) 107 times in 60 seconds? Fucking hell. That's almost twice a second. <3 the nerd.

21 January 2010 at 14:27

Anastasia said...

AxSDenied - XD And people call me aggressive and biased. I love your turn of phrase XD

21 January 2010 at 14:27

Anastasia said...

BambiAnarchy - I recommend it, (awesome name) as someone else posted previously, LC only give a 10% professional discount, and won't sell samples. Plus, well, it's all just repackaged mica, it's not even a finished product. There are plenty of fantastic mineral make-up companies out there for you to explore - LC just isn't one of them.

21 January 2010 at 14:27

Anastasia said...

hyena-says-rawr - Not only that, but they purposefully picked the ones on the list that were wrong. Let's see you compare Elf and Green Apple POP, or Circus Girl and Lemon POP, eh? She applies her stuff wet in EVERY video she uses it though, otherwise people would see how it doesn't adhere dry.

21 January 2010 at 14:28

Anastasia said...

Julia - I know people who sell make-up on Etsy who have a more professional set-up than that. Phyrra and I are friends, I remember her getting the Orglamix letter. That whole company is pretty damn dodgy to me. And yeah, well, hopefully the more people blog about it, the more companies will change their ways!

21 January 2010 at 14:28

Anastasia said...

Squidmarket - Rofl! (That's what I'm doing right now with the comments!) sorry, they are getting longer. My wordcount is reproducing, or something. Shouldn't leave those vowels alone together. I love Dylan Moran, his humour is completely my style. He's so dry and cynical and miserable XD His stand-up is wonderful.
I gathered the oxides bit from Aromaleigh's video, she shows it's all chunky and stuff. I don't think rubbing a bag for 20 seconds is going to do it - plus, if you leave even the tiniest bit of black in an unblended chunk, that colour will change dramatically when someone DOES blend the product. I got a bunch of samples from a company recently which someone has mistakenly dropped bits of black oxide into, and now all my colours are effed up :/

Haha, you like my font usage? Particularly proud of my glitter text, I actually made that specially with a generator, saved it as an image and linked to it.

21 January 2010 at 14:28

Anastasia said...

Squidmarket - Rofl! (That's what I'm doing right now with the comments!) sorry, they are getting longer. My wordcount is reproducing, or something. Shouldn't leave those vowels alone together. I love Dylan Moran, his humour is completely my style. He's so dry and cynical and miserable XD His stand-up is wonderful.
I gathered the oxides bit from Aromaleigh's video, she shows it's all chunky and stuff. I don't think rubbing a bag for 20 seconds is going to do it - plus, if you leave even the tiniest bit of black in an unblended chunk, that colour will change dramatically when someone DOES blend the product. I got a bunch of samples from a company recently which someone has mistakenly dropped bits of black oxide into, and now all my colours are effed up :/

Haha, you like my font usage? Particularly proud of my glitter text, I actually made that specially with a generator, saved it as an image and linked to it.

21 January 2010 at 14:28

Anastasia said...

Corvida - Cor, that comment made me laugh so much I showed it to a few people, who also laughed. That's just. Wow. You should be on Twitter just to tell us stories like that. The magic of the internet, eh? Maybe you could get some kind of rent discount with this information?

21 January 2010 at 14:29

Anastasia said...

Connie - Thanks, lovey. Yup, I agree entirely. For someone so obsessed with marketing, you'd think they'd learn a bit of PR.

21 January 2010 at 14:29

Anastasia said...

Taryn - Hahah, I saw a "In Soviet Russia, make-up reviews you!" somewhere. Love your avatar, Taryn. Sephiroth, omnom.

21 January 2010 at 14:29

Anastasia said...

T - Sorry! Okay, I'm not. Fyrinnae are awesome. Aren't they just awesome? And Aromaleigh, too. Buy Estranged! Everyone needs to own estranged. I hear acid green is a universally flattering shade, don'tchaknow. I have more Fyrinnae to swatch today! I'm like a kid in a make-up store :D

21 January 2010 at 14:30

Anastasia said...

Shattered - I saw that, Shattered. Oh gosh, if only I could be so 'sucessful'. Oh, wait, hm. I don't have advertising on my blog at all, I'm not making any money out of it - but I could, if I wanted. So... where's my motivation for wanting her audience of 13 year old girls? Eh. It's just so-- you know when you get picked on in school, and your mum tells you they only said your bowl haircut looked stupid because they were jealous, because THEIR mothers wouldn't let them have bowl haircuts. They weren't jealous, your bowl haircut looked stupid. It's a very childish response.

21 January 2010 at 14:30

AxSDenied said...

Yay!! I got you hooked when I hadn't even tried them at that point :D I was just building my carts like a crazy face a rememebered the colours lol.

Another cool fact, Doe Dumps "staredown" and "bilnkfest" are signs of a liarpants...

21 January 2010 at 14:33

Michelle said...


First off I can guarantee that Doe does not understand law or American constitutional rights.

The attacked blogger was clearly in the right to exercise her right to freedom of speech.

Secondly it is illegal to impersonate a lawyer. Which by the sounds of it Doe has done. Poorly.

Additionally federal law trumps state law. Doe has no leg to stand on.

What is she going to do? Attack all of us? Doe is not allowed to dictate what any of write about her products. If she actually cared she would have made an effort to make real genuine products rather than trying to cover up an lie.

She got caught. Boo hoo. But throwing a temper tantrum because someone does not agree with you? Unacceptable. Doe is nothing more than a bully and failed to realize that the blogging community, especially the make up blogging community will not tolerate bullying for good reviews.

I'm very happy and glad that you have posted this and revealed what kind of sociopath Doe Deere really is.

Personally if she pulled that crap with me I would have said: bring me to court. Go for it.

She would have never shown up.

Great post.

21 January 2010 at 18:26

melissa said...

Why is the black mica used in the Lime Crime video apparently evidence that Xenia knows nothing about colour, but no one jumps to the same conclusions when the Aromaleigh video lists black mica as an ingredient in colour blending? I'm not talking about the way they're mixed in the respective videos, just the colour theory.

25 January 2010 at 07:41

Anastasia said...

Melissa -

They both made very similar colours. Promenade (Aromaleigh's) is discontinud now, so I can't link to it, but they were both darkish blue colours with a purple sheen/highlight.

Lime Crime's was "made" mixing base blue mica, a wholesale stock colour, with black oxide, white stock mica, and a white-with-purple-interference stock mica. Black was added to make the colour darker until it "matched" her sample.

Aromaleigh's eyeshadow was created by mixing two bases together, both of which she'd made herself, and adding an interference mica. ONE of those bases she used contained ultramarine blue, hydrated chromium oxide, titanium dioxide, stearate mica and black oxide.

Using black isn't against any artist code, using it to darken your entire batch of colour until it meets your sample is. The reason being that it makes colours dull, as well as darker.

Aromaleigh used black oxide as a minimal ingredient inside a custom base - it was one ingredient in 11, if I counted right.

Personally, that's the difference I see. That and Aromaleigh actually know their formula, because they bother to make things themselves, so they don't have to keep guessing and adding little bits of black until they think it looks right.

If you're interested, Lime Crime's Twilight is TKB's Ballad Blue.

25 January 2010 at 11:11

Anastasia said...

Michelle, my thoughts exactly. I've said far worse things about Lime Crime - I've challenged them to send me a sample of any of their eyeshadows, and that if I couldn't match it to a wholesale mica, I'd submit a subtraction and apology. No such luck.

A lot of people assume Grey was scared by the BS litigation threats. Mostly, she was tired of LC fangirls hounding her and figured that printing the apology would show people what a complete ... bad word ... Lime Crime is better than any negative review could.

25 January 2010 at 11:15

Anastasia said...

AxS, Yeah, a few people have said. I'm not going to analyse her body language, but she sure doesn't blink like that in other videos. I think she was probably trying to make her eyes water.

25 January 2010 at 11:16

Lauralyn said...

Thanks for posting this. I had heard from one of my friends who is close with some of Doe Deere's former blogger friends that she was bad news. Unfortunately I didn't know this until recently. Awhile back Doe Deere sent me a message asking for one of my products as a sample so she could do a review of it. I decided to send her one since her blog seemed legit and she never did the review :(

25 January 2010 at 19:55

Anastasia said...

Sorry to hear that, Lauralyn!

Generally if a company contacts a blogger to send them products, it's for consideration and doesn't guarantee a review - but if a blogger requests them personally, not reviewing would just be tacky and dishonest, in my opinion. Especially if you're a personal seamstress/seller, not a large business, that sample is coming directly out of your pocket.

It doesn't surprise me, though. She lies about the traffic on her blog (inflating it many, many times over) and I've only ever see her review about 2 things. I expect she just wanted something from your shop and didn't want to pay for it :[

25 January 2010 at 20:12

Shiseiten said...

I found your blog while looking for swatches of people wearing lime crime lipstick! This post was very good and is making me rethink buying the stuff. I will definitely be keeping up your blog. :D love the title of your blog too. I'm a huge star wars fan. XD

29 January 2010 at 19:13

Anastasia said...

Hey Shiseiten,

If you keep your eyes peeled, I've got my own upcoming Lime Crime lipstick review (I will post it, I swear!).

In a nut-shell - if there's a colour you desperately want and can't find anywhere else, you might want to go for it. The formula is horrible - thick, drying, it'll show up all your lips' imperfections - so you'll have to exfoliate, use a balm under, gloss over, etc. They ARE workable, but not worth $16 by a long shot.

Try taking a look at Stargazer lipsticks, Morgana Minerals lipsticks (which aren't private label, she makes them all herself with her own lipstick mould) and Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres, for alternative bright lip colours :]

And thanks! I love new readers <3

29 January 2010 at 19:16

caseybby said...

Unfortunately I found all of this out after making a rather large order with the company, at the same time I purchased TKB's kit. I compared them myself, and I've got exact matches for the shadows. It's really disappointing.
I'm glad I only ordered one lipstick though. When I swatched everything on the back of my hand, the lipstick would not come off. I had this red tint where the swatch had been for a few days. :/
Thank you for continuing to post these reviews :) hopefully it will make more people aware of what's going on, and save them a bit of money.

30 January 2010 at 16:52

Chocolate said...

Thanks for posting this. When I got wind of all the twitter drama I thought it was just bitches being bitches- I had considered myself a fan of Miss Doe, I thought she was unique, friendly, and her Candy Future ideas where something I'd hoped and wished for.

But more and more I realize that she's just a drama queen who's freaking out because people caught her lies, and the scare tactics really make me sick. But I'm glad that this has led me to a new favorite blogger and a new favorite make-up company. :D

22 February 2010 at 05:55

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

Lol I just stumbled across this post. Your original post on Lime Crime, along with Phyrra's, kept me from ever placing my first order with them. I'm sooo happy that I kept putting off from ordering from them, you have no idea. Blogging really is a powerful tool. I just want to say thank you :)

10 March 2010 at 12:57

Brooke said...

Just for anyone who stumbles across this WONDERFULLY INFORMATIVE blogpost, add Bitchslap and Bee Luscious to the 'brands' who sell repackaged products from the same wholesaler, LadyBurd.

5 April 2010 at 15:31

Rasaja said...

I think you should just leave Lime Crime alone. Although it might not be as good as BFTE or MAC, or Coastal Scents, or any other highly pigmented make up, it's still a usable brand and some people actually like it. I've never tried it, but some of my friends love it. And the girl who owns LC obviously loves make up.

8 April 2010 at 03:55

Arriane said...

Thank you for this, really, saved me money I would've spent on LC!

15 June 2010 at 00:06

Daisy Parade said...

I came across this blog post in a effort to research Lime Crime. Imagine my surprise when I found that almost every review was negative. As I delved further into the scandal, I saw the same story over and over again. My suggestion to you and every other blogger effected by Lime Crimes policy is to tell your story to the website The Consumerist.

The Consumerist is a website dedicated to calling out companies on their bad business practices. By filing a complaint, they will investigate your claim and publish a report on the findings. The website is relentless in it's practices and never backs down due to legal threats. It is the best way for you to ensure that no other girl is duped by Lime Crime.

Best of luck to you and the girls affected by Lime Crimes actions. No blogger should feel intimidated by a company for expressing honest opinions.

20 June 2010 at 18:59

Sakura said...

I make mineral eyeshadow also. i remember her buying eyeshadow from me. and then later that month a girl said she brought my shadows from lime crime. seeing this post makes me angry haha

21 June 2010 at 23:30

checkinitout said...

I'm new to this whole controversy, i bought 4 limecrime lipsticks roughly a year ago and was looking to buy some more when i came across this issue and have been reading for 2 days lol.
From what i understand, this started in 2005 and basically is a bitch fight which started due to a falling out of a group of women who were running the group LGB which xenia started. My guess is that she changd to Doe Deer and relaunched 2008 with new products to separate from the bitch fight and bad product, move on to separate emotive crap from her business. were there problems with the lippy as i've read a few years ago? users say there were. Me and my 7 yr old have to say we don't have those problems. but blogs from the actual people involved in the start of this in 2005 state how this all started and had nothing to do with makeup at all. in fact they were sewing at the time. IMO it looks to me like originally when she started the products were crap. Since then they have been dumped and redone, repackaged, and she has reshaped her company. Also, i am in Australia, we have dramatically less choice than UK and US and prices here are much higher. From this person's opinion, I still haven't seen any actual facts to swing my vote either way. Especially since my experience with the lippy has been great. kryolan here is so much more expensive, so IMO LC is fantastic for us, providing an alternative that before it arrived, we didn't have.

28 June 2010 at 04:37

checkinitout said...

Sorry.. I also forgot to say in my opinion of how this all started, that when the original LC makeup launched back 2005 and from what users say back then had many problems, like staining lips, little balls of it coming off, drying out lips, not going on at all, difficult to apply etc etc.....
Common Sense and basic human nature proves out and out that when the attacks began, which were people who were good friends including xenia for a long period of time before the massive fallout between them, it was easy for these people who were angry with her for personal reasons over the breakup of LGB (as they say themselves on their own blogs) to then attack her flawed products. So the comments regarding legal letters being too personal... well they were personal because these people were having a massive personal ongoing fight! Like i said, i don't know any of these people. I didn't know about the LC saga until 2 days ago. I've found out all this info by reading all the blogs, watching videos, taking note of details and separating emotions from facts. This saga, now five years old, from my opinion hasn't progressed at all in terms of so called evidence, nor have the accusations ever been taking further by involving chemists, testing, and many other options. Personally I don't judge other people's behavior, I leave that to themselves and whatever higher power they believe in. I'm not in anybody else's head, so i can't state why people do things, only myself. I will say that the entire debate appears to be very heavily loaded on one side as far as personal attacks go. There is another point of view on why LC have not allowed comments on videos, or simply not responded at times... perhaps they felt it a better strategy not to get down and dirty at that point, just to make the statement and leave it at that. it's an option, not a fact. I think that somewhere in the last five years, xenia changed direction from being just a hobby/project trying to be a small business and making several large mistakes, to a direction of learning from the product errors and changing thinking to succesful business strategies which included completely moving on from the 5 year long saga. Any move she makes is scrutinized and criticized to the degree of almost looking for imperfections in anything she does and then presenting them to justify opinions that began from broken friendships five years ago. It appears to me its just gotten out of hand and completely out of context, and through my 2 days of reading 5 years of it, comments against LC haven't progressed any further in terms of emotive. I still prefer to make decisions on facts on products rather than personality clashes with the person. That's best left to those personalities and not confused with business. Otherwise every business owner will have to live in a bubble to avoid any personal conflicts lest be sent bankrupt due to the ongoing onslaught, and the amount of readers who SO easily are influenced without researching further. I'm glad these blogs are there, as it should start people thinking, BUT i'm still searching for any thing factual or anything that has progressed beyond the original fallout of the LGB group. So far, I haven't found anything substantial to make me think I should avoid LC.

28 June 2010 at 05:02

KittenMittens said...

I haven't heard of this LGB thing but all I know is she sold me $70 for 7 tiny jars of glitter that were repackaged. I stupidly bought them not knowing I could get the same thing for much less, and get much more.
The glitter is gone (still sold online from another vendor for ridiculous price) but the "magic dusts" are still not unique and ripping off people.
If the product worked for you, good for you, but not all the people who don't like Lime Crime are on this 5yr conspiracy theory you think is going on.

28 June 2010 at 13:07

EmilyB said...

Hey have you had a look at the containers on TKB trading?
You can find her ones on the last page LMAO. Oh she must be so sad that they "stole" her packaging too, I mean the SAME SITE that "copied" her shadows- even made it the cheapest on the site!

9 August 2010 at 14:38

Beth... said...

I would just like to say, I am not a professional makeup artist or anything like that, and I have nothing compared to the experience or general cred of anyone else on this page, I'm sure. I started my research on lime crime and other unusual eyeshadows because I decided I liked the really bright stuff enough to pay, at some point, an arm and a leg for it. What I look for are certain very particular shades, kickass pigmentation, and a company that doesn't use animal testing and isn't generally evil.

That said, I went on their website thinking, I have a few bucks to kick around, maybe I'll do some shopping. I selected several eyeshadows that were the only ones left in stock and discounted to around $7. Cool, I thought, and then I got suspicious. Oh man, am I glad I did my Googlework! This shit is crazy! On ethical grounds, in the most basic way a business should behave. I think repackaging without telling the consumer is deplorable, just absolutely wrong. Plagiarism, copywrite infringement. Where the hell else can you get away with this? If I make a product I want feedback from my customers, and if it's bad you communicate and try to fix the problem. Right? But threatening legal action? It's not slander if it's true!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you and the other people (you folks in the comments really seem to know your shit) for taking the time to spread information so I don't have to have that double-stuf buyers remorse of getting something repackaged by a scam artist that got way too much of my cash for it.

Though in all of this I did find both Sugarpill and TKB and by golly, I will be buying from one or both of them. Thanks again.

10 August 2010 at 18:14

Alexandra said...

Hi there! I'm an MUAer who stumbled across this post looking for swatches. I saw the word drama (like I said, muaer) and decided to have a quick skim but got completely pulled in.
Anyways, I had to comment because I am so impressed by your writing. It is well structured, scientifically written and over all very helpful. You seem to answer every question one could have without waffling on too much. Really enjoyed reading it and will now check out some of your other posts :)

3 October 2010 at 16:30

Cheryl said...


I'm so glad you wrote this, I too have mentioned the same issue in many make-up forums. I make a line of loose shadows buying in bulk micas, ect needed to create my "own" colors. I mix different ones together along with whatever oxides/ingredients so the outcome is really my own finished product.

First, I am thankful that there are company's out there that sell in bulk since the real manufacturer sells in pounds, not ounces.

The thing that drives me CRAZY is all these different company's re-name standard unfinished micas instead of using the real name. I'll buy a ounce here and there thinking I'm purchasing 2 different colors and end up with multiple of the same. All because they are all using different mica names.

Yes, some people make their "own" colors along with selling bulk micas and there own colors should be named whatever they want. The micas on the other hand should all be listed as the product name the manufacture gave. I see unfinished one's being sold for 4.50 up to 15.00 and some like you said calling them "there own".

I've been making my line for many years and don't advertise much for my own personal reasons. I have a great reputation and buyer base. I've had atleast 5-10 colors of mine copied by others, it's not hard to do. Also many times we will get buyers requests to make this or that which will end up looking like another's color. I've gotten many request to make one's like MACS and around the holidays the special request's really gets busy.

I wanted to thank you for writing what you did and I hope it reach's all the company's. It would be nice to see everyone use the real product name for unfinished mica's.
Like I stated earlier I'm thankful to have places to buy in ounces and have dealt with some great people but this topic is a biggie that needs to be resolved. For those who sell a mica as a finsihed product I dont see how they sleep at night. Personally to me thats almost as bad as all the fake MAC Pigment sellers.

1 November 2010 at 19:46

True Blood Capture Blog said...

Thanks for posting that article. I had no idea. Wow. What a bitch. If I were the original blogger that the girl who wrote this article was talking about, I wouldn't have taken my review down. Yes, those threats from Lime Crime seem scary, but they are just a facade, and all lies. They have no right to sue someone over their own opinion. It wouldn't hold up in court because of the FIRST AMENDMENT. The blogger did nothing wrong.

27 November 2010 at 00:10

dirrtyxx said...

Thanks for posting that article. I had no idea. Wow. What a bitch. If I were the original blogger, I wouldn't have taken my review down. Yes, those threats from Lime Crime seem scary, but they are just a facade, and all lies. They have no right to sue someone over their own opinion. It wouldn't hold up in court because of the FIRST AMENDMENT. The blogger did nothing wrong.

27 November 2010 at 00:11

Ruby said...

WOW those "threatening" emails are absolutely ridiculous. I visited the LimeCrime site for the first time and almost fell out of my chair laughing! The whole unicorn-sparkles-on-crack gimmick is just retarded. It looks like my 4 yr old cousin designed her site! Not to mention the insane price for the products! The "magic dusts" are OBVIOUSLY just mica powders or very low quality loose pigment powders you can get for a fraction of the cost from Coastal Scents or another site. And they are more expensive then MAC!! the lipsticks only come in about 6 shades and have that extra ridiculous pink unicorn packaging that looks like it came from toys-r-us and again its more expensive then MAC! And this "Doe" character looks like a wanna be lady gaga, but more resembles a mental institution escapee! I guess shes just taking advantage of some women/girls subconscious desire to forever remain little girls decked out in sparkles..I say leave it to Hello Kitty! LOL I will never buy from her retarded/psycho ***!

30 November 2010 at 00:21

Elba said...

Wow! I had no idea about this until someone who read a post about my limecrime purchase directed me here! I bought a whole bunch of limecrime lipsticks and so far the two that I tried were decent! Now, I'm afraid to use the other lipsticks! This has opened my sparkly glittered blinded eyes! Thanks so much! I'm definitely going to re-edit my post!

15 December 2010 at 10:37

annabanana said...

ummm not trying to be mean or negative or ANYTHING like that but if you don't like don't buy it. theres pretty much no reason to call this lady a crack head either im just saying

30 December 2010 at 23:34

Anastasia said...

I didn't call her a crack head, I called her a lying scam artist. I stand by it.

31 December 2010 at 00:12

KittenMittens said...

giggle giggle :)

31 December 2010 at 00:16

annabanana said...

i totally respect that and just so you know i was talking about another lady who called her website and i quote "unicorn sparkles on crack" and although that is her opinion and she has a right to it i thought it was kinda meanish i mean although i don't agree with it if she like seriously is repackaging i kinda of like the unicorns and yeah everybody has i right to think what they think and by the way i love the premise of your blog fasionable nerds hell yes! :D

31 December 2010 at 02:12

Anastasia said...

@Annabanana - Oh, that wasn't clear. Generally when someone comments I assume it's about the post or the blog rather than someone else's website. I would've thought you would have posted that objection over there...? Well, anyway, that makes more sense.

Obviously, I don't control what people post, only what I post, but I will point out that whilst YOU may not feel wronged by Lime Crime, some of the people who've posted about it have wasted HUNDREDS of dollars buying repackaged mica from them that they could have gotten for under $10 in a larger quantity directly from the wholeseller. What do they get when they complain? Lies, and people who post negative reviews threatened with litigation.

That's enough to piss anyone off, in my opinion, so while you may feel that the name calling is uncalled for, to be fair you don't know what situation the namecallers are in. Being ripped off makes people angry, and rightly so. And it's not like Xenia and her rabid legions haven't done any name-calling of their own. One lovely blogger posted a very honest, not at all angry negative post about Lime Crime because she wasted her money on them, and was harassed by Lime Crime fangirls cursing at her, calling her fat, and spamming her blog with negative comments as a result.

So, yeah. Glass houses, throwing stones, walk a mile in someone else's shoes, etc etc.

Thank you for the compliment, btw.

31 December 2010 at 03:44

two said...!/limecrime?v=wall

January 3, a girl named Dara links to you on here. I had just (stupidly) purchased an eyeshadow from LC because I remembered reading a good review of them a while ago and wanted a red. My fault for not looking further into this brand that was new to me. I was a little disappointed in the shade in person but especially when I went to the FB fan page for the first time ever and saw that link on top.
Anyway, everyone yells at her for posting that link, except one other girl. LC calls what you say "untrue."
Oh jeez.. I wish I'd seen your blog sooner. I love it and subscribe now. Keep up the good work!

9 January 2011 at 06:46

Annaverseable said...

I just heard about this issue, and I'm saddened to hear that the blogger took her post down. Doe was talking out of her ass. There is absolutely no legal grounds on which she could sue. I'm a journalist, and the same laws that protect me protect bloggers everywhere. A company is a public figure and actual malice has to be proved to win a libel lawsuit. The company has to prove the blogger intentionally lied about the company or product. It hardly ever happens. Magazines like Star and OK are difficult to prosecute because a person must prove the magazine knew the story was false and published it anyway. Actual malice has been the legal precedent in the U.S. since 1964 in NYT vs. Sullivan (Supreme Court case). I hate to hear of companies trying to intimidate bloggers. I hope bloggers educate themselves on their rights.

25 May 2011 at 14:50

natazianatazia said...

i had always heard that lime crime was scamming ppl but i nver knew the full story so thanks for this. i have bought a few of her lipsticks n the only ones i like r the purple ish n hot pink one. the light orange one is just awful. n another thing. was that legal email they sent that blogger even legit? like could they sue someone for that? n you dnt thnk theyl see this post n try n go after u? thats so messed up. her pigments arent even bright! n some of shrinkles colors look like make up forevers. it makes me so mad shes bankin it now n ppl are overpayin for colors she didnt even make. what if i buy frm tkb n mix my own colors n sell to friends? would that be bad? i hope not. well i kno this post was old but plzz reply back.

26 May 2011 at 23:55

hllywd853 said...

I had been looking at a few products by Lime Crime recently. I am so thankful to come across your blog. I will not be spending my money on this company. Thanks for helping to educate consumers. It is very appreciated!

28 July 2011 at 15:15

Ashie said...

Just wanted to say, after stumbling across this post while going through your archives (so nerdy, but you are a fantastic writer!) I remembered where I had seen this brand. They are sold on a Australian website called Crush Cosmetics that is one of the only Australian stockists of Nyx, Milani, Wetnwild, Eyeko, Sleek and Elf. For some of these brands it is in fact the only Australian stockist. I will definitely be forwarding this excellent post to them. I don't expect a reply but if they have not heard of the dodgy practices of this brand it should be brought to light (although I'm not naive, they may be aware and just not care). Now, the prices of these brands have all been hugely inflated by Crush Cosmetics, usually by well over 200% but this is particularly humiliating with the dodgy Lime Crime products.

Side rant: You probably don't know this but online shopping is a very topical issue in Australia right now- the retail sector is doing the worst it has in decades and it has been frequently covered in the media with many high-profile companies and business owners blaming online shopping for this and calling for all online purchases from overseas to be taxed (which they are not unless the purchase is over $1000). Australian consumers are constantly told that our prices are inflated because base wages are higher and workers get more benefits eg sick leave, weekend pay etc and we are encouraged to buy locally to support the workers and whatnot. It's one thing for a department store but what excuse does a small online company have for doubling and tripling prices? It was reported recently that Aus/NZ have the highest markup on cosmetics IN THE WORLD. Companies like Mac double their prices here yet are absolutely renowned in Aus for their poor service. No wonder Australians have become dependent on online shopping.

2 September 2011 at 11:20

harajukugirlfl said...

Thank you so much for this PSA! LC may be getting more google hits since they've caused an uproar with their "China Doll" controversy.

22 January 2012 at 21:20

Pimenta & Rodrigues said...

Hey there! I'm from Brazil and I never had heard about this before today, as I think that most of brazilian girls ether... and that's the reason why I would ask you if I can translate parts of this text to portuguese, and post it in my blog. Can I? Sorry about my bad english... =]

9 March 2012 at 02:42

Whiskey Rose said...

So I'm a pretty big fan of Lime Crime--they were my first experience with loose shadows. I haven't bought any of the shadows since they changed their packaging because I've found better and more complex color with Fyrinnae and GlamourDoll, but I'm still a fan of the lipsticks. I personally don't find them drying and have yet to find a match for My Beautiful Rocket, and I adore my Carousel Glosses.
However, I hadn't heard anything about Grey or this bizarre series of nasty emails from the company. It hurts, as all interaction with the company for me has been very pleasant, and I do really like Doe Deere and her design ideas. I wish it weren't true, or that I could somehow blame this on the company and not her, but it's too small. I can't believe anything like this would go unnoticed by the company's owner, so she must be complicit.
It really makes me sad, and it was really hard to read this whole piece because I could really feel your dislike and other people's hatred. But I want you to know that I have thought about it; I have not brushed your thoughts aside even though it would have been easy to dismiss you as a 'h8ter.' Thank you for opening my eyes a little to the underbelly of makeup companies. I will not be buying her new 'Uniliners' because you have convinced me I can find better elsewhere.
However, you did have one commenter that called Deere a 'nazi unicorn.' That person can rot in hell because unless that woman has gone on a murder spree to rival fucking Hitler, you NEVER bandy about the word nazi. Nazism is real, and it is evil, and Deere is just a silly, shallow girl who lives her in her own crazy color world. Most of her complaining is shit, but someone calling her a nazi? That is hating. Let's not be the source of more internet rage and bullying.

20 June 2012 at 02:34

Jennys-Abortion said...

Thank you for this! I did not know the history behind LC and was considering purchasing a few things. I already have a pretty great small mineral shadow company I purchase from and just wanted to supplement a little. Now I am just going to stick to Sweet Libertine unless you have any suggestions.

16 July 2012 at 05:17

Megan Hunt said...

So glad I saw this post on Twitter! I had no idea they had such a bad reputation and nearly bought a lipstick from them the other day. Glad I didn't now! Great post! I think it is important for bloggers to keep others informed when companies do things like this, otherwise none of us would have any idea and would just be sucked into the land of unicorns (ew) xo

24 November 2012 at 13:37

The Mayor said...

What's really crazy is that I was thinking about buying some lipstick from their website, decided to google lime crime swatches, and found your article...3 years later. Needless to say I had no idea about them and will not be buying anything. Thank you!

7 February 2013 at 22:39

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