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I fell off the map a bit after my last post, as I was rushing like a crazy person to get some University work done. That's all done with now, though, so I can get through some of my mammoth blog post list! First up is little rant all about Aromaleigh.


I've been raving about Aromaleigh in comments and on Twitter for a while, but haven't really blogged about them. At present, Aromaleigh make my favourite eyeshadows ever. Given that (including samples) I own around 500 eyeshadows, that's a pretty big accomplishment. For me, I just can't resist the Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Eyeshadows, because they make the world's best green, Estranged. I'm a little obsessed with Rocks!, I own 18 full-size so far and 8 samples and have more sitting in my cart. Little by little, I will own them all. Kristen kindly sent me a bumper-bag of samples of their other eyeshadows to show me that they make fabulous stuff outside of the Rocks! collection (and they do) but nothing can pull me away from my Rocks!, all of which I bought myself.

All swatched over the Urban Decay Primer Potion there.

Rocks! eyeshadows aren't strictly mineral make-up. Personally, I'm glad, because it means I know I'm not getting anything repackaged (Aromaleigh don't repackage, anyway, and have made over 400 of their own stunning shades) but I also know I'm not going to get the same shade I might find from any other mineral make-up company. Plus, it'll be brighter. Here's what they say about it:

The Rocks! eye collection is the result of years and years of requests for more vivid colors. Yes, lots of women love the simplicity of mineral cosmetics and the creativity of loose powders and also have a yen for colors on the wild side!

One day, we realized that we couldn't limit ourselves to solely "natural" mineral pigments any longer... but to produce the brighter shades and palette, we'd have to incorporate organic dyes (commonly referred to as D&C in ingredient listings) into many of the colors.

No surprise that I'm a little bit crazy about them, then. Some of the Rocks! colours even react under blacklights. Aromaleigh manage to make my five favourite green eyeshadows, Estranged, Greenhell, Ozone, Strychnine and Trillium.

Check out my EOTD using them here.

Everything they make is pigmented, goes on smooth and works well wet or dry. Their product swatches are ridiculously accurate (far more accurate than my own swatches are. I've tried in vain to swatch my Aromaleigh stuff, and every single time, somehow, I screw it up. Either they're too close, I forget which is which, I smudge them or they simply don't photograph. I can't comment on your monitor's calibration, but for me, their swatches are spot-on, and the colour descriptions are really accurate, too).

My swatches vs some of theirs. To my eye, theirs are actually more accurate.

They make regular charitable donations, list coupon codes on their website and do weekly 25% off sales that cycle through their products. They're continually coming out with new shades and collections, and make the most popular shades from limited edition runs permanent, as well as bringing back the collections for a short period (right now Spring Solstice is back, so I'm snagging myself a full-size jar of Trillium).

If this post reads like one huge endorsement, that's because it is. I'm pretty much just a squeeing fangirl by this point. I know, it isn't as funny when I actually like a company, and I'm sure some cynics will assume Aromaleigh bought me a new car, or something (I don't drive, incidentally), but occasionally I also like to rant about things which make me happy.

If you've never tried anything from them, I really recommend you do, particularly for eyeshadows. I dig the Rocks! the most, but they have some completely stunning mattes like the Hi-Fi Retro Mattes everyone's going on about, some complex, dramatic colours like the Gothic Lolita and Bête Noire collection, and really lovely metallic finishes in the Elemental & Opulant Lustre collections.

"You Have But-face"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There is a downside. Of course there's a downside, there's always a downside. It only affects the non-yanks among us, however, and it isn't Aromaleigh's fault. The first time I ordered, I got smacked with a pretty hefty customs charge on my order. If you're unfamiliar with how customs charges work and you live in the UK, you can read up on them here.

You don't have to pay it, if your parcel arrives and you're notified that there's charges to pay on it, you can always refuse them, it'll return the package to Aromaleigh and they will refund you for your order. But don't pay it, then complain to the company and expect them to refund the charges for you - think about it, it's not their fault where you live, or what your country's customs laws are.

On my last order, I didn't get any charges at all, so I'm not sure what's going on there. In future, I'll just get my Aromaleigh fix by doing a swap with an American (Phyrra kindly offered), so if any fellow Brits run into the same problem, making a friend across the pond might be the way to go.


Fuchsia said...

Ta for this. I'm awaiting cash so I can stock up on stuffs from Aromaleigh (and have been reading here for a couple o'weeks, liking both your writing and the content, so I'd best comment at least once).
Customs is completely random. I get stacks of things from overseas, mainly US or Japan, and sometimes the import charges can be vast. I frequently curse the 'Customs Fairy'. And they're unexpected, so you can't save up for them. Irksome enough to make one contemplate investing in a rickety biplane and starting your own smuggling ring.
IME however they don't often go after little parcels, so a wee package of eyeshadows is unlikely to attract as much attention as a whopping great box. As a recipient of both modest little parcels and whopping great boxes, the latter come through FedEx who slap a lovely extra charge on top.
It's probably a question of numbers, but I prefer to think that they look at me living somewhere dull yet getting all these exotic parcels. 'Trying to make life more interesting, eh? Not likely. You're up to something!'


10 December 2009 at 14:15

Anastasia said...

Aha, I love hearing from new readers, and you made me laugh. If you stick around and comment more, you'll see a lot of wit flying around these little boxes. Although none from me, sadly.

I hadn't gotten a customs charge in a couple of years until I moved to Colchester (England's oldest town), and then I got two on the same day, from Aromaleigh stuff and Purely Cosmetics stuff. I figured the customs blokes here were just vindictive because Colchester is weeny and historical and they perhaps don't like this newfangledinternetwhatsit.

The laws really need updating, considering we can buy stuff online now and the vast majority of the time, we don't do it to dodge VAT - we do it because the thing we want comes from America, or somewhere else outside of the EU. I'm sure when they set the policy in the first place they never considered someone might go online and buy something for a tenner from the US regularly. The £8 unavoidable handling fee is ridiculous.

I agree on the parcel size, too. I never order from anymore because I always get charges with their exotic looking boxes, and they're couriered so it costs even more. I had to pay £15 for a scarf my ex sent as a congratulatory gift, which was gift-wrapped, marked as a gift, but because it cost $59 (just a hair over the gift limit, when converted) I had to pay fees for it. Ironically it was the gift-wrap that made it those few pennies extra.

10 December 2009 at 14:26

Phyrra said...

I love the rant ;) <3

10 December 2009 at 15:22

Veronica said...

I ship things the Europe and Australia a lot, however, I was told by a lovely lady from Italy that when shipping mineral makeup, I should put "artistic pigments" in the description on the customs form to keep the recipient from having to pay hefty fees. I don't know if every country is like this, but now I do that on every international cosmetics shipment I send out.

10 December 2009 at 15:27

Phyrra said...

I think actually you can't ship mineral makeup to Italy because of their laws. I seem to remember other makeup companies mentioning that.

10 December 2009 at 15:28

Anastasia said...

That's 'cause you agree with me, silly girl!

10 December 2009 at 15:31

Anastasia said...

That's interesting, Veronica. I guess perhaps arty stuff is less likely to be searched than make-up.

I know Italy has a lot of problems with stuff being destroyed by customs, as well as just heavy fees. This was the first time I ever got hit with customs fees for make-up in the UK.

10 December 2009 at 15:37

Anastasia said...

Yup, Phyrra. I think Germany has some issues, too.

10 December 2009 at 15:37

Saila said...

(loves the BtVS reference)

In Finland you have to pay customs fee if you're order is over something in euros.. But sometimes you don't. A friend of mine said that if your order is over 80€ you're sure to pay customs fees but only if the sum is stated on the parcel.

A great rant, btw! I love Aromaleigh but I had some troubles with the Rocks! because some of them didn't show up as vibrant as I'd hoped. I might try them again, maybe it was my primer or something. My favourite has to be ladystardust or stillinhollywood (who would've guessed, right?).

10 December 2009 at 16:18

Taryn said...

Beautiful swatches! I am loving Aromaleigh too. I just got some samples of their holiday collection and they're beautiful.

If you're ever in need of another swapper, I've always wanted to try Barry M's Dazzle Dusts, so maybe we could do an exchange sometime. :D

10 December 2009 at 16:43

Lillian Funny Face said...

Customs are so odd, it just seems random whether they charge me or not. Last week i got 2 parcels from the same company, the larger more expensive one got away without customs while i had to pay a charge for the smaller, cheaper one. I don't understand it.
Also to do with what Veronica said both of those parcels were makeup but described as art supplies!

10 December 2009 at 18:09

Anastasia said...

Thanks Taryn! Like I said, their swatches are more accurate than mine are. Beautiful products, though!

I know Barry M ships to the US on their website, but the stores here often do 3-for-2 deals on Barry M, so if I see one of those I'll definitely let you know. There's tons of Aromaleigh I want, I just can't pay for any more yet!

10 December 2009 at 18:11

Anastasia said...

I think it's just total luck whether they check your package or not. Some companies are worse than others and seem to always get checked, and others not.

I've had 4 packages from Aromaleigh so far. 2 were marked as free gift/samples, 2 were merchandise, only 1 was charged - which was the most expensive one. If it isn't everytime though, I'll probably order, send it back if there's charges and order again! Or just bug Phyrra to post it to me!

10 December 2009 at 18:13

Anastasia said...

Haha, Salia I debated putting that reference in, I thought it might sound weird. But hey, most of my references sound weird.

That sounds bizarre. Customs laws reeeeally need updating. Which Rocks! colours did you have trouble with? The only one I've had problems with the vibrancy of is Atomic, and that's just because it's a matte yellow I think (one of the hardest things to make show up!) but to me they're all looked the same on as they did in the jar/online.

I'd ALWAYS apply over primer though (always always!) and I generally always do the base lid colour wet, too, just for extra pop.

10 December 2009 at 18:15

Cacau said...

On my first order at Aromaleigh I fell completely in love with all the products I've ordered.

Which made me save up and order 5 times more x.x''''

I love rocks! eyeshadow too! ^^' I think it's my favorite collection!
Still, Bete Noir steals my heart! I'm not into the brownish colors, but Amarante, Jolie and Aurelie... Gosh! I like them soooo much!

I understand the charges downside... here at brazil the tax is 60% and, if you are not home when they deliver your order you have to pay at some random post office they decide............. and sometimes they don't even warn you about it ¬¬'
(which is why I'm so worried about some products I should get until Christmas... they'll be my mother and sister gifts ;__;)

But... well.... even with the charges they are still not thaaaat expansive, so I'm fine with it!

10 December 2009 at 19:38

Cacau said...

by the way... here the charge is random... they kind of make a lottery and if they pick you, they charge you! Ha!
(still, yeah, big boxes are totally charged every single time! So I only make small orders now...)

And...... they can sometimes hold a whole month to your package.... without even warning you.

And they are supposed to give your package back to you in about 3 days.

How can 3 days turn to 2 weeks? No one knows.

10 December 2009 at 19:43

Taryn said...

I didn't even know they shipped to the US, Ana. D'oh! If you ever need anything from the US though, just give me a holler!

10 December 2009 at 21:52

Razmatazz Whimsy said...

Maybe I'll buy from them. The swatches were very pretty.

And the Buffy quote made me ZWEE!

11 December 2009 at 00:18

AxSDenied said...

Customs even gets you on a gift if it costs too much?!? That just isn't right.
Here in Canadaland they'll charge you $5 (I dunno $6.50 americanish?) handling charge and because I'm in Manitoba it's also another 7% PST and countrywide 5% GST on top of that.
Out of all the times I bought off ebay I only got that "customs fairy" ONCE and now I make a few makeup orders a month and they got me twice, both my not-so-cheap aromaleigh packages (entire holiday collection, not on sale :s and my huge package of clearout hues)


11 December 2009 at 03:56

corpulent said...

I just placed my first Aromaleigh order a few days ago and I'm so excited. I got jars of bigneonglitter, agentorange and planetearth and a few samples - hopefully they arrive before NYE.

I'm Australian and we don't have customs charges. Instead, we have absurdly expensive shipping charges because we live in the middle of nowhere.

x Frances

11 December 2009 at 05:42

Heather said...

I love your Rocks! swatches. I have around 10 from the collection, but almost none of the ones you swatched, so I got to see some new ones to buy. :3

11 December 2009 at 08:10

T.R. said...

Hi Ana,

the colors look great. very bright. I've been on their site before not recently but maybe I'll have to mosey on along over there. :O) I'm so glad to see you back with us...but truth be told I've been out of site myself. :O)

11 December 2009 at 09:13

beautifulwithbrains said...

You're killing me with those swatches Ana! Look at those greens, they're gorgeous! And the other shades are all very pretty and vibrant too. But unfortunately Aromaleigh doesn't ship to Italy. :(

I don't think there's a law that says you can't ship mineral makeup here. I've bought MMU before and didn't have problems, but they were small orders. The reason why you need to write artistic pigments on the package is that here if you buy cosmetics, of any kind, you need to pay not only normal customs fees but also a small additional fee for sanitary reasons. Apparently, customs are supposed to do some tests on the makeup to make sure it's safe to use. But in reality they don't because even when I paid the fee I got the packages in perfect condition and they didn't look like they had been opened at all.

I think companies refuse to ship here because a lot of people won't pay customs fees and prefer to just return their packages. And not every company, esp the small ones, can afford to offer so many refunds or have the time to deal with such a hassle. So stopping to ship here can be more convenient sometimes.

And that's not the only problem with our customs. I've heard they destroy packages or steal items from them sometimes. Also, there don't seem to be precise rules on what gets stopped at customs and what doesn't. I've had to pay fees for packages marked as gifts for example and sometimes I got expensive orders with no problems at all. It's just sheer luck.

And it's not just packages from companies that get blocked at customs. I did a swap with a friend of mine who lives in the USA and have been waiting for my package for more than 2 months now! They sent me some documents to fill in and return which I did, more than a month ago! I'm starting to lose all hopes to ever see it now.

The laws really need to be updated and fast. I don't mind paying additional fees if they aren't too high, but I'd like there to be precise rules so that I now what to expect when I order something from outside the EU.

11 December 2009 at 12:25

Anastasia said...

I agree, Cacau! Rocks! is definitely right up my alley, but Bete Noir has some stunning complex, dark shades. I really liked Spring Solstice, Las Papilons and L'Orchidee, too - it's nice that they're still bringing out new colours so frequently.

What I'd really love is a non-matte version of Atomic. Nothing with sparkle or glitter, but perhaps a pearlish finish that makes it easier to apply, just because I'm so in love with the colour, but mattes are harder to work with. There's still a ton more Rocks! on my wishlists, I'm really into those oranges now, too.

Customs is just ridiculous. At least here my packages don't seem to get impounded or delayed!

11 December 2009 at 12:47

Anastasia said...

Will do, Taryn! I'll still let you know if there's a good offer on Barry M, but yup, they ship to the US and the shipping prices are pretty reasonable given the weight of their little glass jars.

I love your profile picture, by the way. Om nom nom, thanks for putting from Sephiroth in my morning <3

11 December 2009 at 12:48

Anastasia said...

I'd recommend at least trying some samples, Raz. Particularly if the ones you like are on offer (check the weekly sales, you can get 25% off hooray), plus they give you free samples with orders anyway, and there's free sample shipping, I believe, if you don't buy any full-size products.

There's so many deals it can take a little reading to figure out what the best method is, personally I always order enough to get a free Rocks! eyeshadow =D ($35+)

I'm re-watching all of Buffy lately. I'm on Season 4 and adoring Willow's hair.

11 December 2009 at 12:51

Anastasia said...

AxS, the whole thing isn't right. You're not dodging taxes if you're buying cookies from a company that makes cookies in America, for instance. You're just buying outside of the UK because they don't MAKE IT in the UK, they make it in America! Argh.

Even so, with the ridiculous exchange rate it's cheaper to buy from the US even WITH charges than it is to buy within the UK anyway. I remember laptop shopping a while ago, and a $300 laptop in the US I liked, the EXACT SAME MODEL was £300 in the UK. They just swapped the currency symbol over, for the same tech, nevermind that there's roughly $1.60 to every £1.

You look so pretty and your hair is so amazing in that profile picture btw, it makes me hate you just a little tiny bit :[ *Steals your hair*

Er, what was I-- oh yeah. If I had the cash, I'd have bought the entire Rocks! collection when it was on sale. As it is my aim is to at least own samples of *every* shade though, I've got about 3 more sample sets to buy and then I'm caught up!

11 December 2009 at 12:55

Anastasia said...


Agentorange won't disappoint - it's wickedly orange. I like the shade of Prettyvacant more, just because it looks like those highlighter pens you get at work.

Planetearth has the gorgeous pink sparkle which makes it look magenta-ish in the light, which is really nice. I hope you like them!

And yeah, Australia is pretty much half-a-planet away from us (and yet Americans can't tell aussie and UK accents apart? What is that? There's no barbeques in England, it's too cold! Australians have tans!) so I can imagine that might be annoying. But on the plus side, you get koalas? I think? Unless tv lied to me?

11 December 2009 at 12:58

Anastasia said...

Thanks Heather! But rely on the Aromaleigh descriptions/swatches too, because they're much better than mine. I got frustrated with how it didn't look on-screen like it did on my hand. I was holding my hand up to the monitor, complaining to my brother "Look! Look! See, that looks like a blue-green there! It's not a blue green, it's a green green!" etc. My estranged swatch is way off, but then, estranged just looks like pure sexiness, in a pot.

You won't buy 'em if I buy them all first!

11 December 2009 at 13:00

Anastasia said...

TALA! *Tackles and glomps* <3<3<3<3<3

Oh, how I missed you <3!

More <3!

Okay. Aren't they sexy? I'll have to send you some Aromaleigh samples too, along with Sassy etc etc etc. You'd like the limited editions, I think. Take a look at the Valentine's collection (it might not be up for sale, but I have looots of samples) because there's some lovely soft neutrals in there I think you'll like, and Las Papilons/Spring Solstice/L'Orchidee for brighter colours.

11 December 2009 at 13:03

Anastasia said...

Haha Gio, I own every Rocks! green and ALMOST at least samples of every Aromaleigh green. Or all the bright ones and teals, anyway.

It must be heeeeelll for you getting packages in Italy! I remember you telling me about your troubles with it before. I know Aromaleigh don't ship there - I expect getting packages returned and having to deal with the out-of-pocket expense of shipping it out to begin with, only to refund, makes it unfeasible. Plus if Italian customs simply takes or destroys packages, then they've got angry customers wanting refunds and they've lost product, too.

But if you want anything, you know I'll always send it to your (although it's probably better asking an American!) I'll certainly send you some of my samples, anyway. What kind of colours do you like most? I'll see what I have and can bear to part with <3 I know at least my packages have gotten to you before, so I shall share Aromaleigh looooove.

At least you have beaches, hot weather and attractive Italian men to make up for your crappy customs, eh? =D

11 December 2009 at 13:08

AxSDenied said...

I've noticed that places just change the $ to a (insert pound symbol here) At one point, for me, that would mean I'd have to multiply it by 2.5.

I had another thing to say but got side-tracked when you tried to rip off meh wig.

K it's not a wig, but it's also not as awesome anymore :( But thank you! :D
OH YEAH! Season 4 of Buffy! Did you see The Gentlemen yet? (I think that was what it was called) Even my dad will watch that episode with me.

11 December 2009 at 13:53

Anastasia said...

My hair used to be awesome, too ;_;

I've seen it. I've watched them all before, but now I'm near the end of Season 4. The episode is called Hush, I think they won an award for it. It scares the living crap out of me. Ugh, it's the way they FLOAT. And the way their heads move. *Shiver*

11 December 2009 at 13:57

beautifulwithbrains said...

Lucky you Ana! I'm jealous lol, just kidding.

Italian customs are hell! I try to make only very small orders (and only when I REALLY need something that I can't find in the EU) so that hopefully the packages will pass unnoticed, but even then you never know. Unfortunately more and more companies are refusing to ship here which is a shame, although I understand their reasons. They can't keep losing money and wasting time due to our inefficient and dishonest customs.

Awww that would be so nice of you Ana, thank you! You are a star! I would love to try some samples :) My fave eyeshadow colors are green, purple and blue but I understand if you don't wanna part with those. You can just send me anything else, I'm just curious to try their eyeshadow after hearing all the raves about them. And let me know if there is anything you want from Italy and I'll gladly send it to you :)

I hate beaches lol, but I can't complain about the hot weather and attractive men hehe. Although you have some pretty gorgeous guys in the UK too and a gorgeous countryside as well. :)

16 December 2009 at 22:00

mmakate418 said...

i keep trying to get onto aromaleigh's website but don't have you know how i can get access?

3 January 2010 at 01:56

Anastasia said...

Mmakate, the website is down for some techy maintenance at the moment. Check Aromaleigh's blog for news of when it'll be back up!

3 January 2010 at 06:29

Kaitlyn said...

thanks for getting back to me :)

4 January 2010 at 04:48

Caitlin said...

So I have to say - I'm officially wanting everything Rocks! from Aromaleigh - this is insane.

I also want everything from Fyrinnae, thanks to you. I'm already poor and you have me spending all my money before I get it! I've only been reading your blog for about 24hrs and I've gone through a ton of posts and keep going, "Want, want, wantttt!"

I'm a Canadian in the UK so it's good to have a blog from this country about makeup that I enjoy and can figure out customs charges etc so thanks so much. :)

Quick question - have you ever had any customs charges for your Fyrinnae orders? I want everything but I'm choosing to sample first so I can see if I really love it or not. Judging from your posts/swatches/EOTD's etc they're all going to be prettttyyy epic win. :)

13 January 2010 at 04:04

Anastasia said...

Sorry, Caitlin! Aha I'm in the same boat, I can't wait for my loan to get here so I can buy more Fyrinnae - and I've already got an order coming!

I've never had a single customs charge from Fyrinnae, and I doubt I will. They mark all packages at a value of under $20 (irrespective of the actual value) so it slides right through customs with no hitches. Plus, with every $20 order you get free international shipping. My orders seem to get here in about 5 days, too - it's heaven for UK make-up lovers.

Wonderful to have new readers! The Rocks! are crazily bright. I have more Rocks! swatches in a newer post here -

This first shot isn't so good, the colour is way off on some of them. Aromaleigh's swatches on their website are actually really accurate though, as are the colour descriptions, so worth taking a look at those.

13 January 2010 at 04:36

Caitlin said...

Oh dear - I think I just came! These are absolutely stunningggg! I do believe I could be foaming at the mouth right now.

So glad you said no customs charge - I really hate them and try to avoid them as much as possible so it gives me an even bigger incentive to buy them, not to mention the fact that their samples are in JARS not stupid little baggies. I don't remember the website I ordered from but I ordered one of every single eyeshadow (sample size) and I've barely touched them due to the fact that they're in bags - hate it!

I've looked at their website but I'm trying to stay away - I want absolutely every single The Rocks! there is. I looked at the price for all 80 of them - $520 - I think if I had the money I would buy them all in one go.

It's a good job I don't have a credit card, it'd be maxed out within 5mins due to everything I want to buy from so many different websites. *Sigh*

Glad to see another person with a backward sleeping pattern as well!

13 January 2010 at 04:44

Anastasia said...

Ahh, Aromaleigh samples come in baggies, and you get 1/16 tsp, for $1 (unless it's in the weekly sale)

Fyrinnae samples come in jars and you get 1/4 tsp, which is fucking massive, for $1.75. Plus free shipping over $20.

Fyrinnae colours aren't as bright as Aromaleigh rocks, but some are stunning and complex and... by some, I mean all.

Since you're lemming and in a financial bind, I have 40+ full-size Aromaleigh rocks jars, I'd be happy to send you a little sample of each. Just drop me your address via e-mail:


I prefer jars, too. I keep my sample bags in a ringbinder (using 9x pocket plastic wallets from a comic shop) but my most-used ones I like to snip the corner off the bag and deposit them into a jar. You can get them on eBay... reasonably priced. Just search for "5 gram jar" or "3 gram jar" and see what comes up.

13 January 2010 at 07:01

Caitlin said...

Ahh, thanks for informing me! I'll definitely have to get myself some jars.

Thinking about it 1/4 tsp doesn't sound like much, if I was to stick that in a cup of tea it wouldn't do anything but looking at how highly pigmented they are I can see only needing to use a little bit so I'd get several uses out of them.

I have to admit I do like bright, bright colours so in that sense Aromaleigh does pull me in a bit more. Looking at the weight on their website though compared to Fyrinnae the cheaper deal is Fyrinnae. Unless I totally suck at math. 3g for $3.29 compared to 1.2g for $6.50 - unless I'm completely doing this all wrong and the weight doesn't matter? Haha, such a failure.

Thank you - I'd appreciate that. I'll e-mail you in a little bit so we can talk further. :)

I hadn't thought about the ring binder idea - that's brilliant. I have a gazillion little bags just in one big bag that I don't even keep out because I'm too lazy to go through the bag so they don't ever get used. I'll have to look into that, definitely.

13 January 2010 at 08:50

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