Lime Crime: So Ordinary It Should Be Illegal.

UPDATE 12/01/10:
If you've come here to try and understand and investigate the drama surrounding Lime Crime and the repackaging and other accusations against them, read
this first.


After hearing many, many good things about Lime Crime, and obviously being a bright-colour lover, I had a bit of extra cash a while ago and thought it was high time I checked them out.

Their eyeshadows are $12 each, so I only got 3, and they arrived today. This review will differ from my usual format, because it isn't just the quality of the product affecting my opinion.

Our Hopes and Expectations.

I was expecting Lime Crime to be brighter than anything I had, something rather more unique than the standard mineral-makeup which is just churned out by watering down wholesale colours with filler and then selling it in smaller pots for quite a bit more. (Long-time readers may remember me reviewing Beauty From The Earth minerals some time ago. I own a lot of these, and I do like them, the colour selection is great, they're all very vibrant and easy to work with - however, some of their colours are exact matches to the wholesale batches of coloured mica sold by places like TKB Trading.[UPDATE: BFTE have since discontinued many of their repackaged mica eyeshadows & labelled the ones remaining as Primary Pigments] A lot of these companies just add filler, then sell them on for a lot more, without even bothering to mix or change the colour at all.)

But when it came to Lime Crime, a company with a great brand identity, website, and wonderful tutorials showing the products used, I was expecting better. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement.

There Are Many Copies.

The ones I purchased, at least, are nothing special at all. They are only as bright, if not in fact slightly less, as some of my Beauty From The Earth minerals ($6.60 a pot) and I suspect differ very little from the wholesale versions.

On to the swatches, then. The colours I bought were Lime Criminal, Dutchess and Elf. They bare an uncanny resemblance to three of my BFtE colours, Envy, Peacock and Green Apple.

Huh, I wonder if you'll spot the similarities.

Lime Crime on the top row, Beauty From The Earth on the bottom.

Join me in a resounding "WTF", readers. These are the closest dupes that I have ever seen.

The only really noticable differences are that Dutchess is slightly bluer than Peacock, (doesn't look it, here, as they both have the same green duo-tone and Dutchess is in more light) and that Envy has a little more golden sparkle than Lime Criminal. That's pretty much it, any other differences you see here are down to the lighting and the fact that my hand is a curved surface.
[UPDATE: BFTE have since discontinued many of their repackaged mica eyeshadows & labelled the ones remaining as Primary Pigments - both Peacock & Green Apple are in this section, i.e. they are repackaged mica.]

In terms of pigmentation and ease of use, they're equal. Both work well wet or dry, blend nicely, are identical in terms of texture, as far as I can tell. A word has to be said for quantity, though - Lime Crime eyeshadows come with almost 2g of product, 0.07oz versus Beauty From The Earth's 1g, 0.03oz - so for less than twice the price, you do get twice the amount. Personally, though, I'd rather buy smaller sizes, and not only does BFtE offer multibuy discounts, they also do samples. Oh, and about... 100 other shades?

In Lime Crime's defence, their packaging is lovely. You get these nice little squareish plastic sifter jars with Lime Crime labels on, which look nice, even if they probably come from TKB, too. TKB have BFtE's jars too, but the square ones are nicer.

Wholesale Rip-Off.

I don't intend this post to read as an endorsement for BFtE - I've since rethought my stellar opinion of them, after seeing how some of their colours are not only identical to TKB coloured micas, but haven't even bothered to change the name. [UPDATE: BFTE have since discontinued many of their repackaged mica eyeshadows & labelled the ones remaining as Primary Pigments] Hopefully, the fact that two unrelated mineral make-up companies somehow, magically, managed to come up with exactly the same shades, will have set you wondering.

The most obvious explanation is that they likely use the same supplier, and is it this supplier that goes to all the effort of making the coloured micas used.

Some of the many, many things TKB produce.

It took me about 5 minutes of browsing TKB's coloured micas to find the following dupes for these Lime Crime (and BFtE) shades. I can't swatch them 'cause I don't own them, but they look pretty damn close to me. Read the description, too, for the duo-tone information.

Lime Criminal / Envy - Green Apple mica also similar to Lotsa Lime
Dutchess / Peacock - Indian Blue mica
Elf / Green Apple - Apple Green mica

Well, bravo, ladies. You obviously worked really hard coming up with those unique shades, didn't you?

So, from Lime Crime, they're $12 for 0.07oz, from BFtE $6.60 for 0.03oz, and from TKB who made them in the first place? Just $4 for 1oz.


Less money for roughly 14x more product, and in Lime Crime's case, the ingredient lists are identical between TKB Trading mica and their own 'unique' magic dusts.

In BFtE's defence, they have an awful lot of shades and I know that many of them they did bother to mix themselves, instead of simply repackaging and reselling identical copies. As I only have 3 of Lime Crime's eyeshadows, I can't say whether the same is true for them or not, and I certainly won't ever be buying from them again to find out.

This isn't to say that the eyeshadows from either company are bad - they aren't, they're just a complete rip-off. I say again - $4 per ounce versus over $168 per ounce at Lime Crime or $217 an ounce at Beauty From The Earth (approx.).


If I just reviewed them as eyeshadows, there's nothing particularly wrong with them, nothing special about them, either. They're as good as most mineral eyeshadows, pigmented, smooth, finely milled, very blendable. I did this look using all three to try them out.

Quite bright, I suppose, but no brighter than anything else I own, and certainly not in danger of breaking any laws. Behind all the hype, Lime Crime is just another mineral make-up company, the majority of their work seems (in my opinion) to be putting colours which someone else made into jars and charging a great deal more for them.

The Numbers Bit.

Price: $12 for 0.07oz ($168 per ounce)
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Value: 0/5
Originality: 0/5

Is it worth it?: Absolutely not.
Would I re-purchase?: Never.

Bottom Line: Lime Crime is all flash and no substance. The brand identity, website, the promotion of the products are fantastic, and are writing cheques the remarkably-ordinary products themselves can't cash. Perhaps Lime Crime is a victim of its own success, it isn't any worse than any other mineral make-up company which rips people off in the same way, but it claims to be so much more.

Overall: 0.5/5

UPDATE: I cannot say for certain that LimeCrime sell repackaged mica, since they deny it, although I think it's really fucking likely. Beauty From the Earth do sell repackaged mica and admit it - these have now been marked as "Primary Pigments" on their website. Surprise surprise, Peacock and Green Apple, two of the colours swatched above, are in this category.


gothique said...

Seeee. I posted this before and it was 'moderated'.

All you have to do is look at her ingredients and you know there is nothing special about it. No 'secret ingredient'.

After doing my own research for G2, I noticed the same thing about her colors. Which is why *I BLEND* and do not cut with fillers.

Cause DUH, obviously I assume my customers are intelligent enough to KNOW better.

26 August 2009 at 00:00

Anastasia said...

And this makes me very happy :]

Companies shouldn't change a colour for the sake of making it different, if they love it the way it is, fine. But then they shouldn't charge so much more for it and certainly shouldn't do it with every product.

If I made mineral make-up, I wouldn't use any filler at all, since I'd want everything as bright as it could possibly be.

26 August 2009 at 00:06

T.R. said...

All I can say is WOW. Interesting. I've wondered about some of the companies I've heard about through youtube, including this one. There's only one mineral company, other than TKB, I order from and I know she mixes her own because she has a ton of colors and they aren't straight TKB dupes. And she's less than some of these others even though she just raised her prices to $4.50/per 5g jar. She fills the jars to the top without a sifter so you're getting a lot of product and her samples, 0.50 each, are generous also. Okay not TKB generous, LOL, but for a small company she gives quite a bit in her samples. In fact I buy her sample lots all the time. Anyway I got off track.

BTW Ana, I got some more samples (15-16 more) coming your way including Indian Blue, which is very pretty as well as the Urban Decay VIP travel set. Since you couldn't participate in the sale and I probably won't use my other VIP pencils as quickly as you would, I thought I'd give you my extra set. I'll try and get it off this week.

26 August 2009 at 00:59

Anastasia said...

Omg, Tala you're like my own personal fairy godmother or something. I wouldn't have known about the similarities between BFtE and TKB if you hadn't sent me those samples - Mermaid's Gold is BFtE's Mermaid, and another of them (forgot the name) is Purple Iris, for two examples.

I was going to order a huge batch of samples from them next time I had cash but now I'll wait for yours =D You should link me to that seller so I can check her out.

And thank you so much! I was sad that I couldn't get the UD sets, particularly since my Zero pencils (I have two) are about 2cm long now, haha.

I hope that, now I'm more familiar with TKB, I can find mineral companies that actually make their own product.

26 August 2009 at 01:38

Jessica Allison said...

Ana, sorry if my positive review helped to lead you astray!

I enjoyed Lime Crime's shadows because I felt they wore well, were highly pigmented and, unlike some other mineral pigment brands I've tried, they apply and blend extremely well.

I've used some other brands that may be dupes shade-wise, but for whatever reason, you can't blend two colors- for instance, if you try to put a yellow over a blue, you don't get a green but rather specks of yellow haze over a then-murky blue base.

I agree that Lime Crime's prices are inflated, though as you point out, many other small businesses in this market charge similar prices.

Knowing what these wholesale cost is, though, it does seem a bit greedy to markup the line so much. Of course, we don't know how much that custom printed cap cost her! :)

I suppose I'm limited in my exposure to the small batch mineral makeup companies, because I really thought her shadows seemed to have some advantages, despite the cost. This post has put another notch in my "pro" column in my decision to just buy the raw materials and blend them myself!

I'd love to see any samples or looks that you've used raw pigments with, or just a review of how they work on their own; I always worried that they'd stain or wouldn't blend out properly without some type of base. It sounds like you have a few coming your way- can't wait to hear your view- I know it'll be the honest truth!

26 August 2009 at 03:39

gothique said...

Jessica -
The reason some other mineral makeups don't blend is because they have 'fillers'. Just as koalin clay or a base that makes them 'stick'. As long as the makeup is JUST mica, it will blend.

26 August 2009 at 03:49

Anastasia said...

Don't feel bad, Jess, I heard good things about them from MANY sources.

I recommended BftE before I realised how many of their colours were just straight rip-offs from TKB. Oh, her lids aren't custom printed, they're just stickers she sticks on there. How much can a sticker and a jar cost to cover the difference between $4 an ounce and over $160 an ounce? That's one fucking expensive sticker.

I've never had problems blending mineral make-up, but after what Grey just said I suspect that's because I always go for the brightest shades, which have to contain minimal filler since filler dulls down colour.

I've never particularly found one mineral make-up that excels over another in terms of application, pigmentation, ease of blending. I've yet to find a company that really makes their own colours, though, and that's the kind I want to support.

I'll definitely be posting some looks with my TKB wholesale micas and do a little review on them, too. I have tomorrow off so in-between writing my resignation letter and playing Devil May Cry 4 (I know I'm WAY behind) I think I'll do that.

26 August 2009 at 03:56

Phyrra said...

Thank you so much for the honest review! I've had several friends gush about Lime Crime, and while I know my friends truly love them, I always hesitated to purchase them. Now I'm very glad I held off.

I've had people recommend TKB to me before, so I'm a bit curious about them.

26 August 2009 at 05:09

Anastasia said...

I wish I'd read a review like mine before I bought them, Phyrra. I mean christ, look at the swatches! Coincidence, I think not.

Thanks to Tala I have a TON of huge samples of TKB stuff, so I'm going to try out a look with it tomorrow and review :3

26 August 2009 at 05:12

Phyrra said...

I'm really looking forward to that review.

I sort of feel like more companies need to be honest about what they're selling if it's pre-packaged vs. real creations.

26 August 2009 at 05:16

Anastasia said...

I agree. I've yet to find a mineral make-up company which actually creates stuff - although I have heard Fyrinnae do that? You would know!

Mostly I don't bother with a lot of mineral make-up companies because if they do do bright shades, they all tend to do exactly the same bright shades.

Uh, case in point.

26 August 2009 at 05:19

Phyrra said...

Ones I think create their own shades:
Beautiful Girl Minerals
Aromaleigh - she does sell pure hues though which I think are from TKB, but she makes a TON of her own colors.
Fyrinnae - though not technically mineral makeup, vegan makeup
Medusa's Makeup - not 100% sure but I think they do
Spell Cosmetics - some of their colors are special blends, I'm pretty sure
Purely Cosmetics - at least some are, like Soft Moon
Glamour Doll Eyes - I know she blends a lot of her stuff
DreamWorld Cosmetics - she blends hers, too

26 August 2009 at 05:23

Anastasia said...

You should publish that list on your bloggy.

26 August 2009 at 05:28

Phyrra said...

I was thinking about that. I actually posted a list of mineral makeup companies that I like a while ago. (link here, please delete the comment if that's not cool -

Btw, did you get my email?

26 August 2009 at 05:30

Anastasia said...

Of course you can link here. I recall seeing that list on your blog.

And I'm not sure. What was it about? I don't think so. Where did you send it? All my various e-mail addresses should forward into my main one but some have gone astray.

26 August 2009 at 05:33

Phyrra said...

Anastasia at lipsticksandlightsabers dot com
is where I sent it.

And I think I'll probably do as you suggest and post about the companies that I believe to mix their own colors. Some of them I know do for sure because of talking with the owners directly.

26 August 2009 at 05:34

Anastasia said...

Oh, no. I think that exists, but I'm positive I don't know how to get to that inbox. Resend to if you can.

If you publish such a list, I'll link to it in this post so people can find unique colours.

26 August 2009 at 05:37

Phyrra said...

ok resent :)
I'll try to work on that list tomorrow!

26 August 2009 at 05:39

T.R. said...

Wow who knew it was like this. Well Ana here's the link you asked for. The company is called About Face Cosmetics. She's out of Illinois and the website is Her pigments are super soft. They are some of the softest pigments I've ever felt. I'm not sure if she has enough "brights" for you. Though I'm not a "bright" fan but she does have them. What I like: she has samples for all her collections, she has an astrology collection - meaning for each zodiac sign she has created a collection based on that sign. She's up to Leo and I'm sure Virgo is coming down the pipe soon. I ordered cancer (samples), my sign and LOVED it. At first I was like awww no reds/purples/etc. But when I got them I was floored. I'm going to order the regular jar set. Each set has at least 12 colors in them. And of course you can order any sign not just your own. My goal is to eventually have them all. Probably most in sample form. :O) She also has a Hope Quest line dedicated to one of her client's that committed suicide. I've bought both of those, full size and love them. I'll send you the extra color that she gives in each set your order to pass along to others sort of as a pay it forward or passing on a little hope. I'm mushy but I do like it and I support anyone trying to bring a little more joy into this world. :O) She also has a custom pigment bar - not so much a full custom making bar but you can do some things. And of course her eye kits and solo pigments. She just came out with pressed pigments, haven't tried yet.

Anyway I just really love her products. I'm pretty 98% sure she custom blends her own. She's got WAY too many colors and sets even more than TKB's basic colors. :O)

I hope you (and Phyrra) enjoy. Like I said I'll send you the extra color she sent out. It's a full size 5g jar and it'll give you an idea of the texture and how much you get. It's not a "wow" color but it's still very pretty and neutral. :O)

26 August 2009 at 07:30

Mariella said...

Well, well, well... thanks for saving me money! It's actually the price that held me back until now, I am glad it did...

26 August 2009 at 07:54

Phyrra said...

I've tried the she space, I think about 30 different samples. She definitely blends her own. However, I found the colors to be hit or miss to my taste. Some were too sheer when their description didn't mention sheer, so I wasn't happy with them, but I know a lot of people love them.

26 August 2009 at 14:20

T.R. said...

Phyrra, I do understand. I haven't had that problem so I can't speak on it. I've gotten a lot of samples and a few special quads and have been happy with them and her pricing is still reasonable/good compared to all the others who are at the very least $6 and she gives more product. But again I do understand your position.

And I agree she definitely blends her own. To be honest I would have never guessed regarding the other companies...wait actually I did kind of suspect with BFtheE when I first found TKB and was thinking about ordering from BFtheE after Ana's post and a youtuber's tutorial. When I started looking at TKB I realized some of their colors where very similar and just went with them instead. I think I got mermaid b/c I wanted it from BFtheE and compared it to the TKB one and they seemed similar.

I just never put enough thought into it to get 4. LOL

26 August 2009 at 14:59

Phyrra said...

I remember that Wasted Space was a color that disappointed me, but I loved High Drama. I liked Beauty Babe, too.

26 August 2009 at 15:04

Marce said...

Great review Ana, seriously. It's sad to see so many people getting suckered into buying a product just because of its label. It's like everything, though - a pair of jeans, a in Argentina you can get a nice pair of jeans for say, $80, but there goes Levi's and lawd knows who else charging $380 for a piece of fucking denim! As if it were expensive to sew to pieces of fabric together!
SOrry for the comparison, again, being in Argentina, there aren't too many makeup brands up for grabs, and there's absolutely no chance I'm getting Intl shipping because I've had terrible experiences before. Such as, they wanted me to pay U$S70 to be able to receive a gift from the USA - yeah, WTF?!
Anyway, sorry for the rant, every time I must seem crazier, LOL
I love your eye makeup, it looks fabulous! Those colours look amazing, and I'm sure you can get the same result with any shadow ;)

26 August 2009 at 15:04

jxdinic said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 26 August 2009 at 17:50

jxdinic said...

hahaha...awsome review!!!! I have the same issue with glamour doll eyes pigments in the US..her pigements are very similar if not idental to her supplier, which is coastalscents. Her packaging even comes from there and she charges $8 for a 5 gram jar and coastal scent charges a $1 for a sample bag that literally fills up her jar!!! I just don't get it myself. Needless to say..I won't be buying from her again, now that I know and I can just get the samples from coastal scents!! great review..I always love your stuff!!

26 August 2009 at 18:56

Phyrra said...

By the way, I'm fairly certain Glamour Doll Eyes mixes their own colors. You don't see eye shadows like Galaxy or Disco White anywhere on TKB.

26 August 2009 at 21:51

Phyrra said...

Ok, that blog post is up that we talked about :)

27 August 2009 at 01:18

gio said...

Thanks for the great review! I've been wanting to order some of her eyeshadows for ages but you as you know I don't like purchasing from outside the EU due to customs laws. And besides the price was putting me off as well, $12.00 for a small jar is expensive! Especially if the colors are repackages, which seems very likely.

I'm glad I didn't buy them now. I think the colors are beautiful and I love what you did with them, but they aren't unique or as bright as I would have thought.

27 August 2009 at 15:56

jxdinic said...

idk phyrra..I bought alot of glamour doll eyes pigments and I am not saying all of them are not unique, but I definalty noticed a similarity in pigments when I compaired them to some of my CS micas...some of them looked VERY similar in color..I am not trying to bash is just what I noticed when I observed the two.

27 August 2009 at 20:13

jxdinic said...

I am not saying she gets them from TBK...I belive the micas are purchased from NOT TBK..the micas I buy are from CS and some look very similar to me when compaired to glamour doll pigments

27 August 2009 at 20:14

Phyrra said...

Hi jxdinic,
I've actually spoken with Vee of Glamour Doll Eyes and she does mix her colors by hand. Some 'stock' colors may be close to colors from Coastal Scents or TKB, but the majority of her colors she makes by hand by mixing pigments. I just listed Galaxy and Disco White because I haven't seen colors with those textures elsewhere, and I really love them.

I made a blog post about the companies that I believe mix their own colors.

I've spoken to a lot of the owners/creators one on one.

27 August 2009 at 20:26

jxdinic said...

hey thats great phyrra..I am just saying that I noticed similarities in pigments next to the micas from and since they seem similar, then to me it make no sense to buy an $8 pigment vs a $1.00 sample from CS. Yes, some colors are unique, but to me it is not worth it, plus her shipping tends to very slow even though there is a diclaimer, but I once had to wait a month for my pigments..thats just crazy to me!! So for me it is not worth it to buy from from her, however I appreciate you letting me know and I will check out your blog on the info. BTW I have also spoken with Vee, when I had the shipping issue,she is nice and all, but I don't not know of a person who actually admits to "stealing" micas and repackaging (not specifically directing this to Vee now, just in general). If we ask lime crime, do you think they admit to Ana's findings?? I don't know, but I think certain companies will take advantage of what they can. sorry for the rant..but ANA's findings really ticked me off that companies would do this and I DID find similarities in the pigments vs micas. Thanks for all ur info though!

27 August 2009 at 21:22

Anastasia said...

Aww wow, I love that, Tala. I checked her site out and it confused the crap out of me, but the fact that she makes all her own colours and gives a free one away to pass on and stuff is wonderful - when I get my degree, I want to be able to do free work for people like that, to help them drum up more business and turn their wonderful companies into brands with their great, charitable ideas like that.

Thank you again, so much, for last night, you helped me a lot.

27 August 2009 at 22:39

Anastasia said...

Yeah, Mariella, lmao. I wish I'd bloody held off =[

Maybe I'll sell the colours or give them away or something. I'm sure someone who doesn't have the exact same shades already would enjoy them.

27 August 2009 at 22:40

Anastasia said...

Thanks Marce, and too right.

I dunno, for me it wasn't the label so much like "I know this is probably the same but I want the status" like it is with designer clothes, from her website, all the hype, her tutorials etc I BELIEVED the colours were unique, brighter than anything else and superior to other make-up.

I feel duped, and I hope that this post will stop others from being so. It's despicable, what she's doing.

27 August 2009 at 22:42

Anastasia said...

Well ditto Jxdinic, personally I think before I buy anymore mineral makeup from anywhere I'm going to get a ton of TKB samples first so I won't end up ordering dupes again.

27 August 2009 at 22:43

T.R. said...

Ana you're welcome. I hope when you have time you have an opportunity to give her site a thorough look. Under the heading EYE PIGMENTS or is it PIGMENT FOR EYES...LOL is where are the loose pigments are.

28 August 2009 at 00:22

Lisa Kate said...

Wow! Best review ever. I'm seriously opposed to companies doing this...I think Lime Crime just has good PR.

29 August 2009 at 04:03

Anastasia said...

Well, as an advertising student Lisa, I can appreciate good PR.

In Lime Crime's defense, they've built an amazing brand, and kudos to them for that. Irrespective of their products, they do produce a popular blog, and lovely make-up tutorials, along with the whole attitude and persona of Xenia and the candyfuture theme.

If nothing else, it is a triumph of marketing skill, if morally shady.

29 August 2009 at 20:16

Lisa Kate said...

That all makes sense. I've never tried them out yet for the fact that its $12 for ONE eyeshadow, when I can get 2 or 3 from Aromaleigh or The She Space.

29 August 2009 at 22:01

Anastasia said...

Yeah, I was expecting more worthwhile for that. Still, at least I know, now, I'll be buying the micas direct from wholesalers instead!

30 August 2009 at 22:06

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted an honest review. I'm soooo sick of hearing about lime crime makeup. I realized from day one what she was up to! It was only a matter of time until someone called her out on it.

By weight, she charges more for her repackaged mica's than MAC does for their pigments! For the money, I would rather spring for MAC.

4 September 2009 at 21:24

Anastasia said...

I completely agree, Anon. Check out some of those TKB micas, since they're so cheap, I've been using them in looks for the past couple of days and they go on great.

If I google "lime crime" I see nothing but rave, but interestingly, try googling "lime crime repackage" and you'll find many others who discovered this before I did. I only wish I'd known and saved my $45.

4 September 2009 at 21:27

Anonymous said...

Let me play the Devil's Advocate here. I'll preface my post with two things: I've never heard of Lime Crime, so this is not in defense of them specifically. I also have a mineral makeup line, and make my own colors, but who I am isn't important, which is why I've chosen to post this anonymously. But I'd like you to see things from the other side of the coin.

I'm not a fan of mica repackers any more than you are - not because they're "cheating", but because they cause suspicion among customers and end up giving the whole Indie industry a bad name.

Here's a few points to consider:
Adding "fillers" as you call them usually is for a reason, and not to water down the product. No mica will adhere and last all day without having a base added to them, usually a combination of ingredients including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, magnesium myristate, carnauba wax coated mica, boron, zinc stearate, kaolin clay, silica, dimethicone and more.

All of those ingredients add to the cost of just the mica. i probably have over 100 mica colors, some of which are untouched waiting for inspiration and/or time, some of which were purchased and didn't end up being the color imagined and are still sitting unused, and some that get used quite a bit. Between the base ingredients and micas, I've spent thousands of dollars, not all of which turns into a saleable product.

This isn't my hobby, it's my job. You don't see all the wasted materials that never made it to market, but those costs have to be covered somewhere. Not only that, but even the colors that do get used - let's say I spent $4 for an ounce of mica XYZ. Even if it didn't get mixed with any other ingredient, that's enough for more individual shadows than I'll likely sell in several months to a year (an ounce is approximately 28 grams, so that's at least 28 pots of each shadow). More, if it's blended with a base, and even more for each color that's also blended with it. Now I need a wide array of colors to have a good selection. So I've shelled out money for a lot of micas that I may not use up for a long time. I really don't want to wait for years to recoup the costs of those colors. One color may sell like hotcakes, but another may be a real slow mover; I've still paid for the ingredients of both just the same.

We must carry an inventory of all of the components. Perhaps a single jar isn't all that much money, but having to carry anywhere from 100-500 jars PER SIZE, hundreds of sheets of labels, cases of packing mailers, web hosting, blenders, grinders, scoops and other assorted materials, shipping expenses (both for materials shipped to me and from me to you), advertising costs if applicable, etc all adds up to some pretty big expenses.

While you don't like paying what you feel are over-inflated prices for something, I can assure you this. People with full time jobs at fast food chains probably make more money than I GROSS, not to mention what I net after expenses. If you add in the hours I put in, illegal immigrants picking strawberries make more per hour than me.

I can fully appreciate how you feel about paying $8-$12 for something that may cost $1-$2 to produce. But trust me, most of us are not making much of a profit overall. We aren't in business as a charity, nor do I think you would begrudge us from trying to end up at the end of the year with numbers in black ink and not red. Mass marketed companies such as MAC, Nars, Stilla, etc charge you a whole lot more, and because they can produce in large quantities, pay a whole lot less.

Just food for thought from the "other side".

5 September 2009 at 16:47

Anonymous said...

Me again. The anonymous makeup company. I just looked at the Lime Crime website for the first time after making my previous post.

Here's a clue when you're looking at these smaller companies and their reliability. "Secret Ingredient" is not an FDA approved ingredient. If you see something as stupid as that listed as an ingredient, I can guarantee you that the seller has no clue what their doing, nor do they have any idea about labeling laws.

5 September 2009 at 19:16

Anastasia said...

Hi Anon.

I typed up a long response to this earlier and, as typical, it didn't take and I lost it (it was too long to be posted, as this will be, so I'll chop it into parts), so I'll reiterate.

If you've ever read my blog before you'll know that I enjoy hearing different perspectives, so I appreciate your comment.

With regards to fillers and additives, from my limited understanding I know that some are beneficial and used to make products smoother, increase longevity, etc, and some (particularly when used in excess) can be detrimental to the product's quality and do have the effect of thinning it out, making the product go further.

Some companies will use them to make a better product, and some use them to make a cheaper product. As I said, I've had no qualms with the quality of the product sold by Lime Crime & BftE, both are good quality, pigmented, blendable eyeshadows that have good staying power.

However. The micas sold wholesale by TKB already generally contain titanium oxide and/or iron oxide, and I can attest that they work extremely well, adhere just fine and last all day long, as I've been using these wholesale basic samples for the past few days at the behest of readers, which you will see in my more recent posts.

So I'm afraid I disagree, in this case, nothing needs to be added to the micas TKB sells in order to make them adhere or last all-day long, and these are the ingredient products in question.

Whilst I see your point about the variety of shades needed, whereas some companies stock hundreds, Lime Crime has only 29 eyeshadows, so I feel that this defense doesn't apply to them. In addition, you can buy a sample which is roughly 1 tbsp - several grams of product - for $1.50 or less in all shades, meaning you don't need to buy an entire ounce. A company could also use a sample, swatch and take pre-orders, thus eliminating the risk of unmoving stock.

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5 September 2009 at 23:50

Anastasia said...

On the business side of things, certainly it is a business' right and sole purpose to turn over a profit. In advertising, when we look at pushing a product we first establish the USPs - the Unique Selling Points. The things that set this product apart from its competitors, this forms the basis for the proposition, which is telling the customer why they should buy it, and what is in it for them.

Repackage companies have no USP. If they are selling the same product as someone else, it needs to be cheaper, or more widely available, in order to have any merit. If it isn't, then irrespective of their need to raise prices to cover costs of labeling, scoops, etc, their product, their service is essentially useless.

Business is tough, and in order to survive against competitors a business must provide either a unique product, the same product cheaper, or some additional benefit. In the absence of this, it does not fall to the consumer to support a business which fails in these areas. Any company that cannot do the above should not be in business. If a company wants to trade on its brand name alone, as Lime Crime is doing, that is its prerogative, and then I feel I am well within my rights to call them on it.

I have absolutely no problems in paying more for mineral makeup if the product is unique. If it's a unique colour, I am not just covering the business' costs but I feel I'm also paying a premium for the expertise and the effort and time it took to create the colour that I like, and I'm happy to pay for that.

Larger companies like MAC benefit from economies of scale, can bulk buy, and have lower costs - true. Incidentally, a MAC pigment is actually several times cheaper per gram than a Lime Crime or Beauty from the Earth eyeshadow is, and for an arguably more unique product.

You seem to be defending mineral makeup companies which charge a lot for their product, rather than ones which repackage, and I have no issue with companies if they make their own stuff. Like I say, I'm happy to pay for that expertise, the time it took to create that colour and keep making it. Something unique.

It's worth mentioning that, of course, wholesaler TKB also scoops out, labels and packages their product for the same $4 an ounce price.

As I don't know which company you run, I can't really comment about your income. I do not at all think that it would be immoral of you to charge more in order to earn a living - certainly, it's your product, if you make it, you have the right to charge whatever you want for it, and if you put the effort into it to make unique colours, it's probably worth it. I apologise if I gave the impression that I was shaming MMUs in general for high prices - that was not my intent.

My friend Phyrra has made a list of MMUs which make their own colours, so that people can avoid repackaged products and know that they're paying for quality and expertise. If you are not on the list already, drop her a line to be added to it. Her list is here:

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5 September 2009 at 23:50

Anastasia said...

I consider Lime Crime's only saving grace that they have produced a lot of content which is beneficial and entertaining to the make-up world. Their blog, make-up tutorials, etc, are great creative material which is wonderful to have out there. Even if they only do it to further their own notoriety, it's still very welcome.

However, with such a strong brand image comes the reasonable assumption when we buy that the owner, a woman renowned for having a great sense of style and flair, is personally involved in making the products. The website itself supports this idea:

"Miss Deere conceptualized Lime Crime during the summer 2008 upon realizing she could never find cosmetics bright enough to keep pace with her colorful imagination. And so, when all makeup companies ran one way, Lime Crime charged headlong into the rainbow. Under the slogan “So Bright, It’s Illegal!”, the brand wowed customers with high-impact loose eye shadows such as Circus Girl (vivid yellow), Shoe Addict (bright blue) and the signature Lime Criminal. Instead of retreating to the safety of the ‘tried and true’, Lime Crime became the first cosmetic line to successfully establish themselves through innovative strategies and offering a unique product."

And, "founder Doe so frenzied by her line, she comes up with a story for nearly every color she invents."

This is misleading, if not just false. It calls their product unique, when it is not. How can it have been a response to there being nothing like it on the market when it is repackaged from a wholesaler as is?

I appreciate your insight, however, as you actually make your own products, I do not consider you to be "the other side", rather, the better side of MMU business.

Finally, in response to the "secret ingredient" - it is a joke, and revealed in the website's FAQ as "glee", happiness, etc.

5 September 2009 at 23:51

Anonymous said...

Thank you for considering me as being the "better side" of the MMU business :)

Like most others, I also purchase my micas from TKB. There are only a handful of mica distributors out there, and even few who repack those down for smaller companies such as me - TKB being the largest. You're right, I did defend MMU companies as a whole, not repackers. Part of this came from your "four fucking dollars" comment on your post. You're right, TKB also scoops out, labels, etc, for which she has quite a built in profit. She pays on average $50 +/- for a kilo of mica. That comes to $0.70/ounce if I did my math correctly. Which is just fine with me - she has to worry about the storage of such large quantities of colors, and having tried to divide a kilo up before, I'd gladly pay for someone else to deal with the mess of colors and inhaleable dust flying every which way. Having been in sales before, I decide what I feel my fair price should be, and if someone is offering what I want at that price, then I don't care how much they make - it's what I was willing to pay.

But I digress. I wasn't posting this as an attack on your response at all, and I hope that this didn't just read as such. Actually, the main reason I'm responding yet again is to give you and your readers some tips to look for when trying to decide if someone is a repacker or not.

Most savy MMU companies are hoping for one stop shopping. As a result, you'll see a full line of products offered: foundations, blushes, shadows. Usually, we're known better for one specific type of product: eye shadows, foundations, etc. Or perhaps it's highly pigmented shades, products for women of color, and so on. If you see a site that only offers one type of product (ie: eye shadows) with an accessory or just a minute amount of other products, chances are they are repackers. They don't have the ability to create/formulate other products, so they don't offer them.

There are the inbetweeners (is that a word?), such as BFtE that you mentioned likely creates some shades and repacks others. Notice she also sells lip products, blushes, foundations. Now go look at Lime Crime and see how many different types of products they sell. Calypso Minerals on Etsy is another example of a repacker that comes to the top of my head. If you see 60 shades of eye shadows, 3 finishing powders, and 2 brushes as the total selection, they are likely repackers.

6 September 2009 at 22:42

Anastasia said...

Welcome back, Anon.

I didn't take it as an attack - I enjoy discussion, and your experience definitely brings a new perspective to the table which should be considered.

I am not against paying any given sum for mineral makeup in general, the 'four dollars' comment was because I was paying for exactly the same thing I already had. My problem with Lime Crime being that I was expecting something more, something better. From all their hype, and in fact their tutorials (in which the colours look much more vibrant than in reality) I believed them to be something special, thought I was making an investment, and instead, I got the same thing in a slightly nicer jar.

Dealing with so many micas in such large quantities, I agree, I wouldn't mind that TKB makes a profit. I'd hope so - it sounds like a lot of work, and the result is product which is usable by individuals and companies alike practically. I also like the information with each mica as regard to its safety of use, I wouldn't mind paying extra for that little peace of mind.

You make some really excellent points about spotting repackers - I would've thought previously that if a company only did eye products (heck, her face product is just plain old silica) then perhaps that was because it was their specialty, but your theory makes a lot more sense.

I'll be looking into investing in companies that know how to make their own ranges in the future. I'm looking at Aromaleigh and Archtype right now - I wish I knew which company you run, I think you're quite impressive and would be interested to see your stuff!

Maybe you can slip it to me secretly? :[

6 September 2009 at 22:57

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honest review. I too was totally duped by this company. I spent $100 thinking I was getting a unique product as the website claims, only to be disappointed that I already own these colors from TKB.

A lot of people frown upon repackaging, but I think the bigger issue is that she blatantly LIES about her brand. She intentionally deceives her costumers by going on about how she created the colors out of necessity since she couldn't find them anywhere else. But how can this be true if she is just repackaging from TKB?

I'm curious why there are so many bad reviews of Lime Crime, yet when you google "Lime Crime review" only the good ones come up. Perhaps you can add the word "review" to your title so that it shows up in google searches?

I also saw that you had e-mailed the owner to express your disappointment about her repackaging. I'm curious to know what she had to say about it?

7 September 2009 at 03:16

Anonymous said...

By the way, you are an amazing writer! =)

7 September 2009 at 03:17

Anonymous said...

Oops! Please disregard my first comment. I see that she wrote back. I should have checked your recent posts first!

7 September 2009 at 03:18

Anonymous said...

I'd tell you who I am (as I spit water on my monitor looking at your last tweet), but then I'd have to shoot you. The whole point of being anonymous is to provide an insight from another perspective, not drum up business. And I generally don't subscribe to the practice of badmouthing other companies; I think it's unbecoming of other businesses who operate that way. Since I've broken one of my cardinal rules and committed this personal faux pas, I shall have to remain anonymous (or, given that there is now another anonymous posting, call me Anonymous MMU Company). Besides, if eye shadows are your thing, I'm likely not the company for you; I don't do highly pigmented.

I will give you a hint though. Phyrra has listed me both on her comment on your blog, and on her list she's posted on her own blog. I'm cool, I'm real. And I'm having fun driving you nuts.

7 September 2009 at 04:18

Anastasia said...

Second Anon, I agree entirely. I'm sorry you lost so much money to them! I had considered buying a lot more, so I'm glad I only went for 3 in the end.

I suspect they probably try to force the negative reviews down to lower google pages, or something. I'll try adding it to the title as you suggest.

And thank you for the compliment! Since I want to be a writer, that's lovely to hear :]

7 September 2009 at 15:34

Anastasia said...

So many anons. But you're the most anon of all! All right, Anonymous MMU Company it is.

I respect that, it's important to be able to separate yourself from your company image at times, especially when you do break the odd rule.

I am, of course, going to go back and read Phyrra's comment and her blog post, now, though. Although highly pigmented is most definitely my thing.

I willlll find out!

7 September 2009 at 15:37

Matthew said...

I suppose it should be considered that while by the time it reaches the consumer the price per ounce may seem extortionate, it would be very unlikely for you to ever want a whole ounce. and there is a point at which it just couldn't possibly be cost effective to sell products pro rata in such small quantities. the amount of mika might only cost 2 pence, but it still has to go into a pot, then labeled, posted, all other related expenses, for each tiny division of the product.

There is a point where you just have to consider the finished product as having it's own value. and you don't want to price yourself too low else you'll have no perceived value, and people will assume if you're _that_ much cheaper that you must suck.

It's like I heard once that the packaging a barbie doll comes in costs more to make than the doll itself. I suspect the same would be true for something like a can of coke.

7 September 2009 at 15:51

Anonymous said...

Matthew I understand what you are saying and completely agree that the consumer should expect to pay for costs involved with getting the product to consumer (time, packaging, advertising, etc). But the real issue most people have with Lime Crime is that they deliberately lie and say they CREATED their own UNIQUE set of colors. So you can imagine how upset I would be after spending $100 only to discover that these are actually TKB brand colors repackaged, and I already own them.

7 September 2009 at 17:14

Anonymous said...

When we first started BFTE we started with premade colors like the ones sold by TKB. Since then we have started to create our own colors and even take color request from customers. We do not claim that all of our colors are orginal but many of them are. I personally create many of them and you will not find some of them any where else.

Crystal Lampe, Owner

8 September 2009 at 17:05

Anastasia said...

Thanks for confirmation, Crystal. I think I said in there that I was sure you made at least some of your own colours because you have so many, and there are some which I really like and haven't found dupes of anywhere.

8 September 2009 at 21:06

AxSDenied said...

Thank you for this! I know I feel totally ripped off. After I placed an order for 6 jars of glitter from lime crime I found BFTE and they had the same ones AND MORE for much cheaper prices. Then I found Aromaleigh and they had even more of a selection! Plus they go on sale every so often. I've learned my lesson, shop around first! Not even gonna buy the new $16 lipsticks. That just seems like a rediculous price, paying for the freakin unicorn tube it comes in. Not bloody likely.
Thanks for showing I'm not the only unhappy customer :D

11 October 2009 at 00:39

Stephanie said...

I read daily, so I am a huge fan of hers and would've bought her stuff. I'm so happy I read this before becoming another sucker for prettily packaged, overpriced cosmetics. Thank you so much for this.

11 October 2009 at 04:24

Mallory Maloney said...

Hey hun!

Thanks so much for leaving this link on my site's comments section --- No worries, though, I've known for a few weeks now that Lime Crime simply sells repackaged eyeshadows. ;)

However, I still admire Doe Deere's personal style and her energetic drive, hence why I still comment on many of her entries, haha.

But I wonder if it's the same case with Lime Crime's lipsticks ...?

28 October 2009 at 15:05

Tara said...

Couldn't it just have to do with the general popularity of certain colors as eye makeups? I feel like blue, apple-y green, and turquoise are not colors where you have a huge range of hue, but nor are they different enough that just HAVING them might constitute a knockoff.

5 November 2009 at 06:18

Anastasia said...

Tara - perhaps, hun. But then, given how many different colours places like Aromaleigh can make, and that Lime Crime's Magic Dusts have EXACTLY the same ingredients as the raw mica from TKB Trading, and that I've seen - what look to my eye - like identical dupes for all of them? Not likely.

5 November 2009 at 06:21

Sara said...

Pah. You act as though you were maliciously taken in. Doe posts the ingredients RIGHT under the product descriptions, in black and white, legible text.

Yes, you have every right to find her prices unfair; that is your own choice.

Just please, don't whine about how much you paid for her products because you decided to research mica and her products AFTER you bought them.

That's just not bright. That you'd broadcast your luminescence is even more curious.

5 November 2009 at 06:56

Anastasia said...

Sara - I was taken in, maliciously or otherwise. Most everyone who's posted here was.

She posts the ingredients, and at the time she also posted in the About section how her make-up was the brightest thing available on the market (clearly untrue) and that she made all of the colours herself. Hence my surprise when I discovered I already had them.

I'll happily pay prices higher than hers if I get what she promised for it - something unique and artisanal.

I researched them first, too - before my blog entry, there was nothing but positive raves on Lime Crime for the first few pages of google results. I asked friends, who also didn't know she just sold generic, repackaged mica.

This review isn't a "waaah I want my money back", it's a "Hey, so I wasted my money on this - I'd recommend you don't do the same". If you want to? Well you go right ahead.

5 November 2009 at 07:03

YouSeeSaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 6 November 2009 at 20:38

Hello Lovely's! said...

As a supporter of Lime Crime, my view differs entirely. Her colours are bright and I don't see any "top label" brand, such as MAC, making these types of colours.
Also, Xenia produces a bright lipstick range as well, which says alot more for her company then some of the others.
This is my view, and those that have been dissatisfied with Lime Crime products, don't buy from them again if it was that atrocious. But at the end of the day, Lime Crime is a good company that produces what it advertises.

10 November 2009 at 06:32

Anastasia said...

I'm not sure what to say to that, Lovely's--

Firstly, yes, MAC do. Have you heard of their Basic Red pigment? Primary Yellow? Genuine Orange? How about the MAC Neon pigments collection? C-Shock?

Secondly, the accusation against Lime Crime is that they simply repackage the same mica you can buy directly from the wholesaler. Which, in addition to paying 4000% more for the *same* thing, means that actually, EVERYONE who uses that wholesaler produces make-up JUST as bright as Lime Crime do. I swatched them myself, I've seen other people swatch them, I wonder if you even read this post.

Those of us who are dissatisfied with Lime Crime are because we were lied to about what we were buying. The website said she made them herself, that they were the brightest on the market. Clearly, this is untrue, when you can get exactly the same thing for 40x less from the wholesaler. The colours are identical (to the naked eye) and the ingredients match exactly.

If you want to buy and support Lime Crime? Go right ahead, but please don't defend them here having no idea what the issue we have with them is.

10 November 2009 at 06:42

Ruby Velour said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 12 November 2009 at 16:06

Ruby Velour said...

I'm sorry but I am appalled at all of the "Oh wow, what a great review" comments here. What, writing a nasty review instead of the usually glowing hype seen around the internet suddenly means you've written the best and most truthful review ever? I think not!
I love makeup and wear a lot of it and use many different brands. But I am by no means an expert and do not pretend to be. I bought five Lime Crime eyeshadows recently and found them to be lovely, bright and nice-to-use products. I'm sure there are better eyeshadows out there but I prefer to buy form smaller companies who really stand behind their product even if it means paying a few dollars more than the generic, store bought stuff like MAC or Napoleon.
Let's face it, most of the people who buy Lime Crime makeup aren't makeup experts either and want some bright, pretty products by someone they follow and respect, like I did. The poor girl is making makeup for fun as well as profit and good on her! How dare you shoot her down because you think she's duping/ripping off consumers when you have no actual proof of this!
I don't know why this has riled me up so much but it has and I had to say my piece. I'm sure you and you minions don't give a shit about any of what I have said but I thought there should be a rebuttal of some sort even if it's not by some up-themselves makeup expert like yourself.

12 November 2009 at 16:22

Anastasia said...

Seriously, Ruby, I'm wondering why I should spend my time explaining why you're wrong.

If you read the review, you'd see that we didn't disagree on any major points. I complimented the quality of the product, just like BFTE's repackaged eyeshadows, they apply great over base and they're nice and pigmented.

Make-up expert? Hardly. I'm not professional (which you'd know if you read my profile), I'm just an enthusiast. But hey, I know a dupe when I see one. No proof? How about the fact that I've seen almost every lime crime shadow swatches versus the TKB version at this point and I can't tell the difference? And not by me, but by readers, people who've sent me pictures of their own swatches. You could find these, if you tried, but I'm sure you aren't interested in being proven wrong, or actually researching the point at all.

There's also the fact that the ingredients are identical. She doesn't sell eyeshadows, she sells mica. Pure coloured mica that looks exactly like its wholesale version, (which costs 4000% less) and has exactly the same ingredients, with nothing added for adhesion.

How about the fact that they delete any negative press whatsoever off their website, ignore questions when people e-mail them asking if they repackage, and accuse TKB the wholesaler of copying them and charging 40x less for the same damn thing?

You don't have to believe me, you're more than welcome not to. If you'd prefer to think you didn't simply buy into a brand like the rest of us, that's fine.

But I'm not going to sit here and let someone who hasn't done their own research slag me off for complaining when I get duped by a company.

12 November 2009 at 16:30

Anastasia said...

I'm not about to dig up and link to every swatch I've seen to convince you. Pretty soon I'll have a comprehensive list of comparative side-by-side swatches, to put the matter to rest finally. Then you can believe whatever you like.

12 November 2009 at 16:32

AxSDenied said...

Holy geeze. Minion? .... well she was a real...uh...rhymes with "punt" I guess.
Comment personal opinion of AxSDenied aka one of the Minions I guess. Do not sue me. Leave that to the unicorn queen.

17 November 2009 at 03:15

Anastasia said...

Honestly Axs, I'm surprised at the lack of trolling I've had from LC fans here. I think perhaps all the big words scared them off.

I've said before, I welcome differing opinions. If someone can argue their points clearly then it can be really beneficial to see what other people think, and I'm not nearly arrogant enough to assume I know everything there is to know about everything. If, on the other hand, it's just flaming-- well, I'll leave that up, too, because that kind've does all my rebuttal work for me.

17 November 2009 at 03:18

AxSDenied said...

I think they are busy emailing every blogger with a negative opinion, a lawsuit threat. Grey's history is not there anymore :( Or the lipstick swatch. Or I'm just blinder than I thought. Who knows :)

17 November 2009 at 03:34

Anastasia said...

No, you're correct. They sent her a legal threat and she removed it all, she spoke to me online about it. It's not entirely unexpected.

17 November 2009 at 03:38

Agathe said...

Doe Deere is an honest, hard working and super-talented person.

I don't believe her company is based on repackaging, full stop. She creates her own colours, that I know for a fact. So does anyone who follows her blog.

As to the similar colours:
1. it is quite impossible invent colours that dont exist yet, only shades, and even those are difficult.
2. I guess Doe Deere didn't even know of the existence of those similar products, if she did, she wouldn't have created her make up line. Note that the reason for her to create it (and for its success) is the fact that she couldn't find anything to her taste in the market and so created something brand-new. This doesn't necessary imply that she ripped off other brands for the sake of making it easier.
3. Lime Crime products are way better in quality and texture than the brand you mentioned.

Main argument: the reason why most people will want to bring Doe down is because she's gorgeous and multi-talented and a wonderful person. People like her cause envy to people like the ones out there, who have never even created a single thing in their lives. Full stop.

17 November 2009 at 19:00

Anastasia said...

Rofl, Agathe.

Man, I'm leaving that comment of yours right there. I'm not even going to bother with a rebuttal, you just make my entire case for me.

17 November 2009 at 19:01

Bryony said...

Why did you buy the same colours you already had in the first place? I generally don't buy any makeup that is the same colour I already own, let alone complain about it when it turns out to be the same.

Whilst your claim that LC repackages store bought micas may be true, who buys eyeshadows from wholesalers? Noone but the most dedicated of eyeshadow lovers (?).

I certainly have never come across the range of bright colours available on her site elsewhere, and personally I like the aesthetic that she and her range portrays. The same as I might want a Chanel lipstick because it feels like I'm buying into a specific brand, I like feeling like a part of the Lime Crime brand.

Why do you have such a huge issue with this? Were you hoping to start your own makeup company? If she wants to have 'the brightest' makeup, surely by not mixing up the colours and cutting them with tons of bases and mixers, she is doing just that?

18 November 2009 at 00:15

Kahani said...

Perhaps the real issue at stake here is the broken brand promise of unique, individual, and unmatched products. To be able to buy the same shade with the same quality from another brand at much much less immediately calls the brand promise into question. There's nothing wrong in selling similar products, virtually all cosmetic brands do so. But any claim that it is completely original must be backed up and I suppose, in this case, consumers are disillusioned. Even a dash of a shimmer that is completely unexpected making a unique combination would have made all the difference.

I have liked the Lime Crime brand for the whimsy and image. But never purchased any products because I felt they were too costly. That's actually ok for a brand - after all, I don't buy YSL products for the same reasons. But cost must be justified by value - is a dash of whimsy and a fun story worth so much more? For some, maybe. If an eyeshadow in a cute jar with a backstory makes me feel happier using it than the same shade in a boring jar with no story isn't that worth paying for? But again, the question arises, how much?

18 November 2009 at 08:38

Anastasia said...

Bryony -

I own almost 400 eyeshadows. Finding similar ones from companies happens to me very often. However, finding dupes that look absolutely identical to my eye to ones which are repackaged mica from a wholesaler, that's never happened before. After this issue has been investigated I've seen swatches of people comparing all the Lime Crime shades to the wholesale counterparts and I can't tell them apart.

Plenty of people buy from wholesalers, both individuals and companies. I did before I discovered this. Don't assume no one else does something just because you don't.

Her colours, clearly, aren't the brightest around if she's simply repackaging the same stuff everyone else does. Beauty from the Earth had exactly the same colours. So did Calypso Minerals. So do countless others who do exactly the same thing, only they ALSO bother to make their own stuff, ADMIT these are repackaged and LABEL them as such so people can make the choice.

Lime Crime just lies and sells exactly the same wholesale ingredients at a 4000% mark-up. Yes, I have a problem with that.

18 November 2009 at 11:21

Anastasia said...

I agree, Kahani. Plenty of people want to buy from Lime Crime because they support the (admittedly very well promoted) brand image, and if they're a fan, then they can go ahead. I don't mind if someone else wants to buy from Lime Crime - I simply won't.

The trouble is the lack of information. Lime Crime claim that they make all their own colours themselves and try to silence people who say otherwise. It's these strongarm tactics and dishonesty that make me question their business ethics.

18 November 2009 at 11:22

fae said...

hm. I'm no longer getting the 'your comment is awaiting moderation' msg when I attempt to comment - it's simply taking me back to the page in question. Is she blocking IPs now?

I love how there's a comment that says "This post is good because you’ve let all the comments through"! Funny, it says there are 94 comments, yet when you scroll through them, there are only 68. Oops!

18 November 2009 at 17:21

AxSDenied said...

Hah! Someone made a polyvore thingy on her blog for lime crime using your eyeball in it

19 November 2009 at 03:47

Anastasia said...

Probably, fae. And someone should screen that... <.<

19 November 2009 at 03:50

Anastasia said...

AxS, that's disturbing. Link me x.x

19 November 2009 at 03:50

AxSDenied said...

It scurrs me.

They even have it on the right saying it's from this page lmao. I'm amazed she let it fly

19 November 2009 at 04:58

Anastasia said...

That was completely the wrong link <_<

19 November 2009 at 04:59

AxSDenied said...

Holy jeeeebus I am sleepy lol. Lemmie try this again!

19 November 2009 at 05:02

AxSDenied said...

And smack dab on ze blog of the demon

19 November 2009 at 05:07

Anastasia said...

Thanks for the heads up. I think the work the girl did is very good, but I'm outraged that my copyrighted work is being infringed upon in order to PROMOTE their company.

I've contacted Polyvore to have it removed, and am doing the same with Oh Deere.

19 November 2009 at 05:36

fae said...

It's up to "127" comments now, although there are only 79..

(I have the whole page saved, as well)

I just tried posting a comment from my iphone, and got the 'awaiting moderation' msg again, so it would appear she is blocking people. Gosh, I didn't even say anything that bad! :)

19 November 2009 at 15:24

AxSDenied said...

I can't get into the site or the blog. I hope it's just the interwebz sucking. I have to see more shenanigans. I think even the polyvore post said it had a bunch of comments but only half were shown.

19 November 2009 at 15:56

Shattered said...

Agathe - when you have PROOF that she creates her own colors, that doesn't consist of a YouTube video of her using a plastic baggie and no measurements to blend raw pigments that industry professionals have confirmed do not blend without proper machinery, due to the nature of the pigments themselves, you call me. (Besides, add a little black and a little white to a blue and they really won't change the shade of the blue much, at least not well enough to be caught on a family-quality camera. That's just basic color mixing that we all learned in elementary school.)

Bryony - most people did not do it on purpose, though I bet some of them have now that the contreversy started, so that they can make comparison swatches. I'm sure people saw the pigment on the website and thought it looked different from what they already had, or forgot they already had a similar shade. I've done the same thing myself, or been completely misled into thinking the color I was buying was different from what I actually received.

24 November 2009 at 05:15

Annie-Me said...

Hey there, I'm new to loose pigments and mixing colors and the whole make up scene I suppose. I love using makeup on my eyes to create bright and interesting art. So, ofcourse I didn't see your website until today and purchased a few products earlier this week both from shespace and Lime Crime. I should be expecting to receive these products very soon. I purchased around 6 shades from Lime Crime and tried my best to match shades from shespace (match-ish) because they were way cheaper and gave sample bags. I've purchased around 130.00CAD in powders (total) and I'm super excited to try them all out. I've always gone with MAC products I guess because I like how they stay on my eyes, don't crease, and don't really fade. It'll be interesting to see how the colors mix and stay on my eyes. However, I'm sick of paying 25-30 dollars for makeup from MAC (even if it is a "good" brand). To me, paying 12.00 for a little thing of make up from LimeCrime didn't seem all that bad. Now, I haven't tried SheSpace's or Lime Crime's products yet. But I'll let you know what I think about them when I do.

I do have a question for you, I'm interested in mixing and creating my own colors. I went onto TKB's website and it's a little overwhelming. I would love to make some super bright and unique (to me) colors but I need a bit of guidance. What do you all think would be the best/essential things to purchase from them?

5 December 2009 at 04:17

sharayabrooks said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I just happened to stumble upon it while trying to find a cheaper alternative to limecrime or MAC I almost threw a bunch of money away. from now on ill make my own makeup. apparently its so easy anyone can. Thanks for talking about TKB. Ill just buy my colors from their from now on! You are a lifesaver!

11 December 2009 at 06:32

Mela said...

after looking on the website, i knew the shadows were nothing i couldn't get through heavenly naturals (check them out! and she does samples!), NYX or spell cosmetics

my curiosity with limecrime is for the lipsticks. i'm a professional MUA and i'm doing a betsey johnson runway show in february and got in touch with doe to see about getting some samples or what an artist discount would be.

an artist discount is 10%.


that's! and the lipstick colors do seem to be original and unparalleled, but they're a huge price even if you get the full collection (which i may as well) which offers a 10% discount plus the 10% artist discount.

note: most brands offer 30-40% discounts for artists, plus samples of requested colors, etc.

so what about limecrime lipsticks? are they worth my $126??

23 December 2009 at 11:17

AxSDenied said...

Hey Mela,
You could try OCC lip tars? They have around the same range of colours including a white incase you want to tone anything down. I just found the site yesterday googling odd lip colours. Maybe they'd be able to give an artists discount? I have no clue. 10% seems pretty lame.
Good luck!

23 December 2009 at 16:36

Anastasia said...

Mela - Short answer? No. The colours aren't unparalleled at all.

The lipsticks aren't repackaged, they're private label using a pretty generic formula. They are pigmented, and thick, but they don't go on like a MAC lipstick or something similarly high end. They show up every little imperfection in your lips, so you need a lot of prepping and a primer/base of something else before you put them on to make them go on smoothly.

The pigmentation is good, as I said, but the lipsticks are staining. I've got Oh No She Didn't and Great Pink Planet - GPP is almost identical to MAC's Saint Germain (REALLY close) just Saint Germain is a bit brighter.

Grey wrote a FANTASTIC in-depth review of these including swatches and a list of other alternatives which might be cheaper for you. Also, check out SoBE botanicals on Etsy for their gothic lipsticks and Morgana Minerals' vegan lipsticks for super-pigmentation.

23 December 2009 at 19:31

Anastasia said...

Of course I forgot the link. Here it is:

It was originally posted on Grey's blog, but Lime Crime threatened her with litigation if she didn't take it down and post a dictated apology verbatim, so now another blog is hosting it.

23 December 2009 at 19:32

miss-murder01 said...

I've been shopping for new shadows to try for weeks now and LC and GDE's were the ones I was going to get...yea...not now. I've watched the ridiculous "blinkmuch" vid and was not convinced. this "unicorn humper" is fake AS FUCK. She's not one bit like cupcakes, rainbows and multi-colored shimmer sprinkles as she pretends to be. This con-artist is all over the internet....she called some poor girl's mother an ASSHOLE, IN SOME FORUM FOR HUNDREDS OF PPL TO READ! I'm dead serious...actually went to the lengths of talking about somebody's mama...DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A PRO BUISNESS OWNER TO YOU? no, at least not in my opinion. But I should watch my mouth, i might get SUED. Pathetic. I wish I had a better camera so I could upload a vid about this. IF ANYBODY READS THIS THAT HAS A CAM AND IS ANTI LIME CRIME COSMETICS THAT PERSON SHOULD MAKE A VIDEO BASED ON THIS TWO-TIMING POSER. I scraped youtube to try and find somebody that might have done it but sadly there wasn't any. There are people out there still paying pro price for a mediocre product sold by a nazi shortcake. Does anybody remember JENNIFER CROCKER? the owner of Calypso minerals? another person to try and take advantage of people and their hard earned cash. IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS IT IS YOUR SOLID VOW TO BE BUSINESS LIKE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY.NOT BE FAKE, CHEAT PEOPLE, DENY CUSTOMERS THE 1ST AMENDMENT, BEING GUILTY BUT ACTING INNOCENT, MAKE YOURSELF LOOK WORSE WITH BAD ACTING AND BLINKING LIKE A JACKASS, AND CALLING SOMEONES MOM AN ASSHOLE! Grey should have stuck to her guns. She didn't do anything wrong. It was an opinion. I say put the review BACK UP if she hasn't already....

ok...I'm done.

19 January 2010 at 11:37

Brian said...

Lime Crime really lives up to it's name. Not only is it overpriced but it's not worth the money at all. I've boughten several lipsticks and shadows and it's just terrible. The lipsticks are pigmented but as was previously stated, it applies very thick and really makes lip imperfections show up. The shadows however were just pitiful. I have tried shadows from many different brands, even ones that you won't find listed online anywhere and instantly I did not like these shadows. It annoys me that so many people come to Lime Crime's defense when the only reason I can think of defending them is because of their packaging and their image (even though I can't stand the "girly-girl" image"). I will agree that they are easy to use but then again, what pigment or mica powders aren't anymore? A good, inexpensive and much more reliable brand is Glamour Doll. The owner, Vee mixes her own colors and she's extremely hands-on with everything an will answer any and all questions you have -- unlike Lime Crime who I had my review deleted so I wound up just giving away my shadows to my friend because she wanted them. Overall, I just never want to order from them again and I've stayed away from commented on their products until I saw your excellent review. As an artist, I wad just appauled that there was only a 10% discount -- that just screams rip-off and now I hear that Lime Crime is heading to retailers? I have no respect for that, at all that Lime Crime can make a profit and gain that much attention for medicore products.

25 January 2010 at 06:56

Al Mujahida said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 27 January 2010 at 16:44

Kara said...

Well fucking said.. you deserve an award... thank you a million times over!!! I myself have been a "fan" of her work for so long!!! after trying these AMAZING dusts.... I realized it was just prettily packed trash like so many other hyped up companies. She's gorgeous and if she does her own makeup shes quite good at it but shame on Doe Deere for selling her fans this garbage.. what a bitch.

13 February 2010 at 08:24

KatChanQ said...

I am now a follower of your blog. I was looking at Lime Crime's shade of Dragonscale on some site selling only their favorite shades of LC's products. As with most things I decided to google the company's name to see what kind of review I could find to see if it was any good. Your blog was the first thing to pop up. After reading this I started browsing the TKB micas and found the same shade (it seems since I have no way of comparing it in real life, but the photographs are very similar) called Chameleon Glitter, with a very similar color description (a reddish brown with green and blue tones.) As well they had the same shade with less glitter in it (as I'm not a fan of sparkles on me) available. I got all excited over the kits on the site too and bought the eye makeup one, plus a sample bag of the Chameleon shade that started this whole journey. Being a painter I'm going to have immense fun mixing colors that I've often made for a painting and thought would be fun as a make-up color. All for cheap too! <3 And as I am new to make-up I will continue to check your blog for your great tips. :) Thanks for saving me from an over-priced purchase, a new hobby/past-time to try out, and a great resource on how to apply my new-found girliness. All while still playing Left 4 Dead with the boys, and kicking butt in WoW pvp. XD

27 March 2010 at 12:54

Jennifer Bogart said...

FYI - TKB actually doesn't manufacture those micas :). They are produced by big, big corporations (think chemical companies like EDM, Merck etc.) That is why you also will find the same micas for sale at other wholesalers.

They are a wholesaler/distributor, though they do mix some of their bases etc.

ALL mineral makeup formulators are essentially mixing up bases of varying proportions, oxides, ultramarines, and micas, so within that there's a lot of room for diversity.

I think what happened is everyone totally dug these new 'primary' type shades, as a lot of micas are more muted/blended tones. Still, I think you'd need to add other ingredients for adhesion. I haven't tried these particular shades though to know how well they stick :).

18 July 2010 at 04:36

Valkyrie said...

I sell sifter free 5gram jars for $4 filled as much as possible without spilling over and glittered/shimmered types for 5$ ea. My products are not always labeled individually (I include a picture print out when a 'case' is ordered) recently I began selling eye shadows again for the same price and have yet to have a problem with customers.

I'm planning on expanding to other areas as well. I do purchase from TKB and mix my shadows to see what i get.

I mostly sell in person which is a safety problem and takes extra convincing because of my visible piercings.

I heard of LC from someone on a website and fell over at the prices. I wouldn't even shop there. Although I create my own makeup I wear Revlon, and 3 other brands from time to time.

19 February 2011 at 02:24

Ashiie Imperfect said...

Just curious i know it's been a while since your last post. Have you discovered any swatches similar to Lime Crimes 'Dragon Scales.' It's the 'magic dust' I'm really actually looking for (as a make up artist) and have had no real luck at finding results.
Thank you. Ashiie Imperfect

3 August 2011 at 06:31

Anastasia said...

Ashiie - Dragon Scales was TKB Trading's Chameleon Glitter, I believe. Either that or Chameleon Fine, but I think it was the glitter.

4 August 2011 at 21:29

onedarlingchick said...

I must be in the minority...none of this really bothers me! I work in marketing and have worked for high-end cosmetics before and isn't this what MOST companies do? Re-ackage similar products but use different marketing? I'm not defending Lime Crime in any way. I just think she's one of many companies doing the same thing since the beginning of time. :)

15 January 2012 at 18:06

Made-Up Jigglypuff said...

Thank you so much for this review! You saved me a lot of heartache and wallet-ache. I did buy an eye primer before I found out, though... I'll post a review somewhere, keeping all of this drama in mind.

On the bright side, I bought a WHOLE lot of samples from Shiro Cosmetics! The customer service has been wonderful.

2 February 2012 at 07:31

Unknown said...

Yes, yes! Jennifer Bogart posted most of what I wanted to say. TKB doesn't make them, and it's good to have all the info (or at least more info) when posting a rant against someone.

Also, it's relatively hard to darken colors without using black - simply because there are a lot of pigments that aren't cosmetically approved, so it's a very small chance that the exact opposite of the color that you need will be available to you.

That said, I'm not defending Lime Crime in the slightest. There are lots of shoddy products out there everywhere :(

7 January 2013 at 06:17

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