PR Requests.


My blog is synonymous with honest, real, trustworthy reviews, and I'm always looking for new products and companies to try and bring to my readers' attention.

I do not accept payment for reviews, and any press samples sent to the blog are sent for consideration only. Sending samples does not guarantee that they will be reviewed, and if they are, products will be reviewed on their own merit. The only way to guarantee a great review is to have a great product!

If you'd like me to try your product(s), want to sponsor a giveaway or have special offers for my readers, feel free to e-mail me with the subject "PR".


Adspace can be bought as either a monthly slot in the blog sidebar or as a one-off feature in the post body.

Sidebar ads will be visible on every page and may contain static images, or animation within reason. No flash-games, videos or ads with sound may be displayed. Sidebar ads are great for long-term exposure and encouraging repeat visits.

One-off ads will always be marked as advertisements and will not contain my personal opinions or endorsements. If you're looking for that, you want to submit samples to be reviewed. They can, however, be written by me if you choose. Click to see an example of a one-off ad. One-off ads are great for drawing in a lot of viewers at a specific time, particularly for sales, contests and launches.

If you're interested in purchasing adspace at Lipsticks & Lightsabers, please e-mail me for further information with the subject "Advertising".

Guest Posts/Copywriting

If you'd like me to write for your blog or publication, provide a guest-post, paid article or write website copy, please e-mail me to discuss it with the subject "Copywriting".

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