Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Who are you and why should I listen to you?
I'm Anastasia, I'm a 23 year old British geek who loves make-up, science, computer games, roleplaying, sci-fi/fantasy, books, bright colours, cats and smart people, and you probably shouldn't.

  • Are you a make-up artist? Do you work for a make-up company?
A friend of mine said "you are a make-up artist, you just don't work as one" - but no, and no, I'm a student in my final year studying Creative Advertising and I hope that when I grow up and get a proper job, I'll find one being paid to scribble witty things on stuff.

  • What games do you play?
I like anything PvE, I play/ed Aion, Champions Online, Guild Wars, WoW, Ragnarok Online and many, many offline PC and Xbox 360 games. I cycle between MMOs regularly. Drop me a line if you want to add me on Xbox Live.

  • What's your favourite brand/band/celebrity?
I don't have any brand loyalty, nor am I fanatical about anyone remotely famous. I like the product of companies, bands, film stars, etc, but I buy what I like, and that changes with each product. Companies I shop with regularly are linked in the sidebar, and feel free to ask me about a specific brand or product to hear what I like from them.

  • Why do you swear on your blog? Kids might read this!
If kids want to read it, that's their prerogative, there are worse things on the internet than me. I swear if I feel it's necessary because it's my space - I write what I think, and if sometimes other people want to read that, too, then that's great.

  • Would you review an item/do a tutorial/suggest an EOTD for me?
Absolutely. I love requests, so if it is reasonably within my power, I'll do it. No harm in asking!

  • Why do you have so few blog links on your website? Will you add mine?
I have a small list of blogs and websites linked, because these are the ones that I personally read and vouch for. I'm not into affiliate programs and linking to anyone with a blog, I have to like the content and want to read it, and think it's relevant to my own readers and something they might enjoy. I think incredibly long link lists are counter-productive - people are more likely to visit a carefully handpicked few.

  • Do you get paid to review items, or free stuff?
Any giveaways and blog expenses I cover personally unless the giveaway is sponsored, which would be stated. I wouldn't take payment to do a review, but if a company wants to send me a free sample of their product in order for me to use it and review it, I'll gladly do so, but my reviews will always be honest. If I can't be honest here, there's no point in writing it. My integrity is worth more than a few freebies, but often without those freebies, you wouldn't hear about a product or company as my funds are fairly limited.

You may see paid advertisements in the sidebar, or occasionally in a post featuring this box:

These are advertisements, not endorsements or reviews, and are simply using my webspace to bring a product, brand, service or offer to your attention. My opinion cannot be bought, but I do have to eat so you may see this box appear occasionally. Any advertisements will be clearly marked and are not to be confused with reviews or personal posts.

Any questions, review/tutorial requests, comments or anything else can be left in a comment on any post or e-mailed to me using the subject line "Request".

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